Why Michigan Sucking Ruins Everything


It’s Thursday, October 9th. The clouds are casting over Columbus, rain is falling, NBA preseason has begun, the Colts play the Texans on TNF tonight, and Michigan still sucks.

Since all of my Wolverine buds have hit the hibernation button for the rest of the fall, the level of trash talk leading up to The Game has nowhere near begun — and nor will it.

As a devoted Buckeye fan, this sucks.

Do I love watching this bloodbath that’s going on in Ann Arbor right now? Of course I do. It’s entertaining and I get a kick out of knowing all my friends who sport the maize and blue are too ashamed to even wear their colors this fall. It’s hilarious to learn that vendors couldn’t GIVE AWAY tickets to a home Wolverine game because people didn’t want the $2 Cokes. But it isn’t all fun and games. Here’s why:

The Rivalry Has Gone to S**t

I entered Ohio State in the same year as Urban Meyer. Coming into that year, Michigan looked like they had a halfway decent team and had the potential for a depleted program to be rebuilt. I can’t tell you how many times I heard: “Finally, Rich Rod’s guys are getting out of the system and Hoke can restore the program’s prestige”.

I thought the rivalry was back. Meyer vs. Hoke. Tressel vs. Carr. Woody vs. Bo.


Meyer came in and has accumulated a 28-1 regular season record, while Hoke has a record of 27-15 in the regular season since taking over, including 2 straight loses to the Buckeyes. There is no reason to believe that a third straight win is on the horizon.

With Michigan dropping 3 straight games and 4 out of 5, this is pure tragedy for The Rivalry. While I hate seeing that team up north win, the truth is that fans everywhere need them to; fans especially in Columbus.

When Michigan is good, it brings out hate, competition and elevated play out of Ohio State. Remember 2006? 1 vs. 2 at the Horseshoe. Troy Smith vs. Chad Henne. 42-38 final score. Sadly enough, that is the best that either team has been in the last 10 years. Ohio State has stumbled to two undefeated regular seasons in a row and Michigan is on the verge of destruction.

If the rivalry is strong, it creates for a better fall, a better Thanksgiving weekend, and an elevated atmosphere surrounded by hate and desire to win.

Bottom Line

Not only does this kill the rivalry, but it kills the BIG 10. For everybody’s sake, we just need Michigan to learn how to win again. Until then, good luck with Penn State and Michigan State, Brady.


One response to “Why Michigan Sucking Ruins Everything

  1. Great to see 6Rings Sports back in the game!

    In reading this post, it is the first time I’ve seen confirmation that Mack Watts and Urban Meyer came to OSU in a package deal. (I heard the rumors, but never saw it publicly stated or written.)

    I agree – OSU needs UM, and vice versa. It makes the race for 2nd place in the Big 10 “East Division” much more interesting!

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