Buckeyes Take East Lansing in Day of CFB Heaven

I’ve spent the last 11 months waking up in sweats. I have nightmares of 4th and 1. I have Jeff Heuerman’s missed block replaying in my head.

And now, I have the chance to erase all the pain.

Here’s to shifting the pain of defeat. The pain of coming so close, but remaining so far. The pain that takes you one big game away from the playoff and then rips it out of your hands.

Today, the Buckeyes take on Sparty in East Lansing to end the wild day in College Football. In honor of the blessed day of sports, here are the game previews of the top 7 games in 140 characters or less:

Baylor @ Oklahoma

Kick off your day with a mimosa and Bryce Petty. Don’t make any drinking games to this one. Or do, and sleep through the remaining 9 games…

Prediction: Baylor 37 Oklahoma 24

Georgia @ Kentucky

Big Blue covers +10.5, upsets the Dawgs on the back of all 10,000 fans in the stands. The overrated SEC puts another team into the top 25

Prediction: Georgia 27 Kentucky 31

Notre Dame @ Arizona State

It’s time for all teams with Arizona in their name to get the hell out of the top 25. Irish claim a spot in the top 5 after a beatdown in Tempe

Prediction: Notre Dame 35 Arizona State 17

Kansas State @ TCU

Stop the game after the first quarter and you’ll have more points than you get all night in Lansing. Boykin for Heisman.

Prediction: Kansas State 35 TCU 48

Alabama @ LSU


Prediction: Alabama 17 LSU 24

Oregon @ Utah

This is just a beat down. Oregon solidifies themselves as a playoff team by smacking a weak Utah team… the same team to beat T.T.U.N. Go Ducks.

Prediction: Oregon 57 Utah 24

Ohio State @ Michigan State

Redemption. Sparty fans all over end their night draining their sorrows away to cheap whiskey and Frank Sinatra. #GoBucks

Prediction: Ohio State 24 Michigan State 13



One response to “Buckeyes Take East Lansing in Day of CFB Heaven

  1. I’ll be looking forward to celebrating the victory of “The School Up North-State” beating the Bucks tonight – and, along with my glass of Scotch, yes, I will be enjoying a little Frank Sinatra music in the background!

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