McDermott Pick Signifies More To Come in Bulls Free Agency

“If you have great talents, industry will improve them; if you have but moderate abilities, industry will supply their deficiency.” – Sir Joshua Reynolds

Excitement is in the air, people!

The NBA draft concluded last night and I, like many others, were tuned in for this potentially monumental day in NBA history. I rarely ever garner any thrill from watching a professional sports draft; they’re boring, often predictable and most likely irrelevant after the first 5 picks.

But last night was different. Many talk about how it could be the most loaded draft since the ’03 year when LeBron and co. came into the league. I want to focus on something much bigger than that, though. Hope. 

Since 2010, I’ve been let down. Let down as a Chicago Bulls fan. Let down as an NBA fan.

this-weeks-sports-illustrated-recreates-one-of-the-most-iconic-sports-magazine-coversThere haven’t been any new LeBron’s coming into the league that challenge the LeBron’s that are already in the league. There hasn’t been any real competition out of the Eastern Conference since Derrick Rose tore his ACL. And there hasn’t been any new excitement in an NBA offseason since the summer of “The Decision”.

So why am I giddy this morning?

I am damn excited for the future of the NBA. As a fan, how can’t you be enticed by how the landscape of the league could possibly be historically changed this summer? Even more, as a Bulls fan, isn’t it about time that you were excited by the possibilities that lay ahead?

Last night signified hope for me as a Bulls fan.

Prior to last night’s draft, I would have jumped all over a “Bulls Do Nothing and Bring Over Mirotic” +150 bet. Easy money, right? Wrong.

The Bulls pulled the trigger on a surprisingly GOOD trade on draft night. They traded up to 11 to get Doug McDermott from the Nuggets in exchange for their 16th and 19th pick (This rumor was circling the Twittisphere prior to the draft, but I had it at +275 they executed the deal. I would have been more comfortable putting my money on a -125 “Bulls draft Adrien Payne and the rights to a non-US player”.).

Not only does this trade make perfect sense for the Bulls current roster, it makes even BETTER sense for a Bulls roster that is trying to sign Carmelo Anthony. With the trade, the Bulls:

  • Free up $900K in cap space by only drafting one first round pic
  • Add depth to the bench
  • Add a legitimate scoring threat

Instead of waiting on two rookies to develop under the system, the Bulls brought in a guy who can make an impact immediately. After watching McBuckets highlights all night, I’m convinced that if, somehow, Carmelo, Kyle Korver and Kevin Love had an offspring, it would have scoring ability of Doug McDermott.

It’s taken a lot of knee-jerking by ESPN reporters, but I would now place the odds that the Bulls make a big-time move at -250. Talent aside, what the Bulls showed me with their activity in the draft last night is that they are ready to make a splash. Carmelo Anthony is the splash.

I’m ready to commit to that forecast. Here’s why:

  • PG – Derrick Rose
  • SG – Jimmy Butler
  • SF – Carmelo Anthony
  • PF – Taj Gibson
  • C   – Joakim Noah
  • 6   – Doug McDermott

The bottom line: Who says ‘no’ to that?




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