CFB Monday Hangover: Week Thirteen

I had dreamed a dream and now that dream is gone from me. Baylor’s undefeated season is no more. They got trounced in by Okie State 49-17. Their offense still had over 400 yards but nothing compared to the 600 they normally put up. Add to that they had three turnovers to the Cowboys zero and it is not hard to see how it happened.

"Road games are hard"

“Road games are hard”

I want to say that I called them losing but so did anyone with a brain. They came into the game banged up losing their best WR and one of their best RBs plus their left tackle. Not to mention the history of Big 12 teams dropping games in late November (ask 2011 Okie State about that) and this is all par for the course.

This was also a real solid win for Oklahoma State who is one win away from their 2nd Fiesta Bowl in three years. Pretty good for a program that had some allegations thrown at it this fall but T Boone Pickens wants to remind everyone he is still a billionaire and doesn’t care about such nonsense.

Still, I guess a part of me wanted Baylor to go unbeaten just because of the comedy of the whole thing. (And the potential for them to jump Ohio State.) When your team sucks (Michigan) you just want a little chaos to drive everyone else insane. Nick Saban will have none of that though.

Lets get the Michigan thing over with…

Michigan Thoughts (Loss at Iowa 24-21)

1. This is Rich Rod but in reverse: Instead of the defense regressing, the offense has regressed under Hoke. Michigan had only had ten first downs and 158 yards of offense. The defense literally gave Michigan a 7-0 lead right off the bat and three other turnovers and still Michigan lost 24-21.

2. Al Borges: George Costanzaing: All I could think about after he called two reverses in a row was that he is trying to get fired. And then a run from under center on a 2nd and 11 near the end of the game. He has to have the OC job at Florida all lined up or something and just wants to get the heck out of Ann Arbor. OL coach Darrell Funk will probably throw himself under the bus so Borges can stay on.

3. More oline shuffles: Makes no difference at this point

Can you play OL Jake?

Can you play OL Jake?

4. Funchess/Gallon had drops: Michigan has no chance when their only two play makers dropped passes

5. New 98: At this point he has to be injured. If not physically then mentally for sure. My first bold prediction for this week is Gardner won’t make it through the game. Shane Morris sighting somewhere in the 2nd half.

6. Defense is trending well: As bad as the offense is the defense looks vastly improved. Other than the Indiana outing when they struggled with tempo this defense has gotten better. They lose only three seniors and should be a better group in 2014.

7. Jake Ryan back y’all: After coming back from his torn ACL midseason Ryan hasn’t made any impact plays but that wasn’t the case Saturday when he caused a pick six on the first play from scrimmage. He will need to be all over the field Saturday and will need to be healthy next year in order to give Michigan a presence on the edge.

8. Corners are good: Both Taylor and Countess had Ints. They will be back next year too. YES 2014!!!!!!

9. D line improving: Clark, Henry and Black have all gotten better. It is too bad Pipkins got hurt else he would be in this group as well. Quick question, can there be no offense and just defense? Just thought I would throw it out there.

10. Both Morgan and Ross got hurt: This lead to the defense wearing down in the 2nd half. It is not a good sign if they are both out for next week. Speaking of…

11. Ohio State week: I agree with Buckeye Ramzy in that I don’t like calling it hate week. This is supposed to be celebration but we are not living up to our end of the bargain when it comes to this rivalry. I want to stay positive and the defense may be able to keep Michigan in it but this feels a lot like 2010. That was Rich Rod’s last year and Michigan kept up for part of the 1st half before falling apart and losing 37-7. We will have more here on this at 6 Rings all week. I will try my best to remain steadfast all week. (Although we may just want to go bowling.)


1. Iowa: You know its bad when you want Greg Davis as your OC. This is my fault for making all those jokes about Iowa in the preseason. I apologize Michigan fans.

Minnesota did not like this

Minnesota did not like this

2. OSU: Enjoyed a snowy Senior day at home. Will wear all white on Saturday but not in honor of the 1950 Snow Bowl because that would be silly.

3. Indiana: Michigan put up more points on Indiana than OSU. Yes I am clinging to this.

4. MSU: Clinched their spot against OSU in Indy which will be enjoyable television for everyone except Michigan fans. Has a sort of trap game at home against Minnesota this week.

5. Northwestern: Probably just glad that they got blown out and didn’t have to get their hopes up that they might win.

6. Wisconsin: Beat the Gophers 20-7 and their defense gave up zero points. (Minny’s TD was a defensive one) They are ranked 15 in the BCS and are within striking distance of a potential at large BCS birth. (I find it funny that if ASU loses to Zona or Stanford in the Pac 12 title game they would be the ones to let Wisconsin get into the top 14 to get the BCS birth. Fitting really)

7. Minnesota: I love that they got into it with Wisconsin after the game as they fake chopped down their goal posts.

8. Nebraska: They pulled out an OT win versus PSU and are so close to going 9-4 which is tradition under Bo Pelini

9. PSU: Continue to play pretty well at home but not good on the road. I know what that is about.

10. Illinois: CONGRATS! Got their first B1G win in over two years. Granted they beat Purdue but still. “We aren’t worse than Purdue” is what I assume Beckman will tell the Illinois AD this offseason.

11. Purdue: They don’t even get to play either Maryland or Rutgers next year. That is cold Jim Delaney.

12. Rutgers and Maryland: Both lost. We welcome them with open arms.


1. At least we aren’t Florida: Lost to Georgia Southern at home who was a double digit underdog. I think Brady Hoke needs to send Muschamp cookies or something because he won’t be under close to the national pressure Will is. It doesn’t help Muschamp that his predecessor won two national titles and has yet to lose a game in his new gig. Maybe he wants to come coach our offense.

2. Oklahoma at Okie State in two weeks: Win and the Pokes are back in the Fiesta Bowl

3. Championship games set: Almost

"Coach did you hear the Michigan score?"

“Coach did you hear the Michigan score?”


Pac 12: Stanford vs ASU: Home site TBD if ASU beats Zona or not

ACC: FSU vs Duke: Duke has to beat UNC. Yes in football

4. SEC still up for grabs

West: Bama at Auburn: Pretty simple, winner goes to Atlanta

East: A&M at Missouri: If Missouri wins they go, if they lose South Carolina does

5. Big win for RR and Arizona: Pretty funny on a day Michigan loses that Rich Rod gets a huge win out in the desert against Oregon. The Michigan message boards might have picked up on this.

6. Washington obliterated Sean Mannion and the Beavers: They are now one win away from eight wins. I assume this will be a big moment.

7. UCLA at USC this week: No division title at stake but potentially Oregeron’s job. A win by the Trojans and he will for sure get a look.

8. Northern Illinois jumped Fresno State: Meaning the Huskies might make a return trip to the BCS.

9. Aaron Murray tore his ACL: Speaking of horrible seasons

10. They gave Lee Corso guns: Not sure how much longer they will keep doing this

11. Heisman

Jameis Winston: Waiting like everyone else on the legal situation

AJ McCarron: Basically here by default

Johnny Manziel: Holding out hope he throws 9 TDs this week

12. BCS Projections

Nati: Bama vs FSU

Rose: Stanford vs OSU

Fiesta: Okie State vs Northern Illinois

Orange: Wisconsin vs Clemson

Sugar: Auburn vs UCF

13. Rivalry week

Thursday: Egg Bowl: Ole Miss at Miss St

Friday: Civil War: Oregon State at Oregon


The Game: Ohio State at Michigan

FSU at Florida

Duke at UNC

Iron Bowl: Bama at Auburn

Clemson at South Carolina


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