Sunday Snapshot: 6 Keys To Bears Win Today


Sundays are simply great days for all football fans. They’re great for grilling, relaxing, drinking beer and Jay Cutler. This Sunday marks yet another big day for both Jay Cutler fans and Bears fans everywhere. Coming into the game, the Bears are 4-2 and looking to make it two in a row against the struggling Redskins. We all want to see if this team can differentiate themselves from the Bears of the last 3 years, and it part of figuring that out is seeing if they can be consistent.

Marc Trestman looks to have this team running smoothly and there is a lot of hope in the eyes of myself, and Bears fans everywhere. He’s gotten the offensive line turned around and he has Jay playing like a Pro Bowl quarterback. Overall, Trestman has come in strong and done what all fans wanted him to do: turn the offense around.

But, what all of us Bears fans are now concerned about is whether or not our aging defense can be ageless once again and turn it around. This leads me into the top 6 headlines to watch out for in today’s game in 140 characters or less…

6) Cutler- Who else would be #6?

@6RingsSports: Do we get NY Giants Jay or do we get N.O. Saints Jay? Plain and simple #6 is most important to success against weak Wash secondary jay-cutler-michigan-ave-magazine-thumb-330x396-10855_display_image

5) Defensive Line Impact

@6RingsSports: Too many holes, no pressure thus far. Need to stop Wash run game, make RGIII pass. When will we get Peppers’ sighting?

4) Bostic replacing D.J. Williams

@6RingsSports: Next man up. #Bears already thin on defense, Bostic had a great preseason, now can he step up and help us stop the run.

3) Hester of his first two years or last two?

@6RingsSports: Devin reminded us of what he’s still capable of in week 2. When is he finally going to bust one? Need our X-factor to come back today.

2) Receiving Corp

@6RingsSports: I want to see big games out of the 3-headed monster today. It’s time the league gets put on notice for our dangerous receiving threat. Cutty x Black Unicorn. Swag

1) Offensive Line

@6RingsSports: Most important factor every single game for Jay and Bears. When they’re good, we win. When they’re bad, we lose. Protect 6, offense flows.



(Jake): 26-37, 264 Yards, 3 TD, 1 INT

(Mack): 21-36, 224 Yards, 2 TD, INT


(Jake): 133 All purpose yds, 85 rush, 48 rec, 1 TD

(Mack): 104 Rush, 46 Rec yrds, 1 TD

Black Unicorn

(Jake): 10 rec, 90 yds, 2 TD

(Mack): 6 Rec, 67 yds, 1 TD


(Jake): 5 rec, 65 yds

(Mack): 9 rec, 111 yds, 1 TD


(Jake): 6 rec, 90 yds, 1 TD

(Mack): 4 rec, 71 yrds

Game Score

(Jake): Bears 34- Redskins 31

(Mack): Bears 27- Redskins 17



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