6Rings Pick’Em Challenge and TC’s Guarantees

It was a tough week for the top of the ladder as both Brian and Mike went 1-5. Sneakily, Evan is making his way back into this thing as he FINALLY had a winning record for a week *golf clap*. A lot of intriguing story lines in this week’s matchups. The redshirt freshman Famous Jameis vs the 5th year senior Tajh Boyd in Death Valley. Case Keenum starting at Arrowhead trying to spark the Texans. Peyton Manning returning to the House that Manning built. I’ll be a sad Tony if none of these games live up to the hype. Without further ado:

This Week’s Games:
Washington at Arizona State (-3)                              Bengals at Lions (-3)
LSU (-8.5) at Ole Miss                                                     Texans at Chiefs (-7)
Florida State (-3) at Clemson                                       Broncos (-7) at Colts

Brian (19-14-3), Last Week: 1-5
Arizona St – LSU – Clemson – Lions – Texans – Broncos

Mike (18-15-3), Last Week: 1-5
Arizona St – LSU – Florida St – Bengals – Chiefs – Broncos

Mack (17-16-3), Last Week: 2-4
Arizona St – LSU – Clemson – Lions – Chiefs – Colts

Jake (16-17-3), Last Week: 2-4
Washington – LSU – Florida St – Bengals – Chiefs – Broncos

Tony (15-18-3), Last Week: 2-4
Washington – Ole Miss – Clemson – Bengals – Chiefs – Colts

Evan (13-20-3), Last Week: 4-2
Washington – LSU – Florida St – Bengals – Chiefs – Broncos

Frank (8-8-2), Last Week: 3-3
Arizona St – LSU – Florida St – Bengals – Chiefs – Colts

Doug (3-3-0), Last Week: 3-3
Washington – LSU – Clemson – Bengals – Chiefs – Broncos

TC’s Guarantees (12-9 overall, 1-2 last week)
I’ll be the first to admit, I got cocky last week. Nothing but focus this week for you guys. I’m so dedicated this week that I’ve thrown in a bonus pick that is a STONE COLD LOCK. No funny business this week, let’s get to the picks:

Florida at Missouri (+3)
Yes, I know that James Franklin is hurt, and quite frankly, I don’t care. Mizzou as a home dog to this Florida team is a straight slap to the face after going in between the hedges and coming out with a victory last week. You think they don’t look at this line as motivation? Mizzou not only covers, but wins this game outright.

Iowa State at Baylor (-33)
How many times to Roarty and I have to tell you? Get on the Baylor express before all the seats are full! A disappointing offensive performance last week (to their standards) against KSU will have these guys firing on all cylinders this week.

Browns at Packers (-10)
Are the Packers down a couple of receivers? Yes. Is Aaron Rodgers hurt? Not the last time I checked. Is Brandon Weeden still playing QB for the Browns? Yes. Bloodbath ensues.


Ben and Jerry’s at Tony (-2.5 pints)
Big, and I mean BIG, deal on Ben and Jerry’s ice cream at your local Jewel-Osco this week. 3 for $10? A little don’t mind if I do. Picked up a Red Velvet Cake and went double stack on the Half Baked. Load up on this one because it’ll be off Vegas’ boards ASAP. Virtual guarantee.


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