CFB Monday Hangover- Week Eight

Upset city, that is where we lived this weekend. We got a little taste of it last weekend but it hit us with full force in late October. The 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th teams all lost. (Clemson, LSU, A&M, Louisville, UCLA and South Carolina.) Add UGA, Florida, Washington and Houston all to the ranked teams beaten as well.

Fun in the Hate Barn

Fun in the Hate Barn

This weeks rankings reflects on just how crazy things have gotten as Missouri, Baylor, The U, Texas Tech and Auburn have all joined the top 11 teams. I don’t think anyone would have guessed those teams would be ranked near the top at all, let alone in October.

What all the upsets have done is separate the National Title contenders within each conference. Bama is the clear option in the SEC, Oregon in the Pac 12, Ohio State in the B1G, FSU from the ACC and my Baylor Bears from the Big XII. While other teams could emerge I think the title game will come from those power five. (Please lose Bama and OSU.)

We still have a long way to go but the picture is starting to take some sort of shape…

Michigan Recap

1. I am stuck with this team: Michigan is like a crazy girl that for better or worse I have to suck it up and spend the rest of the year with this team. I can’t figure them out and I do not enjoy myself when watching the games.

2. Gallon is still wide open: He had 369 yards receiving at 2 TDs. That was the best day by a WR in both Michigan and B1G history and only former Steelers bust Troy Edwards had a better day for any D1 receiver. He is a leftover from the RR era and while he was expected to have a big year I don’t think anyone expected that.

3. Indiana’s defense: Woof. As terrifying as their offense is their defense basically doesn’t exist. The only 2 turnovers they got Michigan basically handed to them.

4. New 98: Gardner broke Denard’s old yard mark by a QB from 2010 with 584 total yards and 5 TDs. He also passed Tom Brady and John Navarre’s single passing yards record for a single game. He is the lead guy when it comes to not knowing what to expect but he makes everything go on the offense. His last 2 TD runs were all grit and it is clear the team feeds off him, good or bad.

5. This made me mad from last week, we ran spread: And my God it worked. I am shocked. This point has driven me to such insanity that Borges just called the most prolific game in Michigan history (751 total yards) and I still want him fired at the end of the year. Because…

6. Stop Running From Under Center: It doesn’t work. Both Michigan turnovers happened when Gardner was under center and Fitz is ineffective. When Michigan opened up from shotgun and Fitz ran down the field I would hope a light bulb would go on for Al. Not getting my hopes up.

Gallon> Everyone but Troy Edwards

Gallon> Everyone but Troy Edwards

7. Fitz had a big day: 150 yards and 4 TDs. He is not the main problem. O line and coaching are.

8. What’s the Dileo?: He got hurt first possession and never came back so I don’t know.

9. Michigan’s D can’t handle spread offenses: Put Dymonte or someone out there who can tackle in space. Good thing Michigan plays three more in November. Yikes

10. Knock the ball down Stribling: Good God man. Just knock the ball down.

11. Tempo, tempo, tempo: Michigan needs to get with the times on both sides of the ball and realize teams running tempo kill them and Michigan can’t do it itself on offense. This is the biggest area of concern for me this coming offseason. (That and we need to feed out O Lineman steroids.)

12. Bye week then Sparty: For all my complaining Michigan heads into November 6-1 and still has a chance to win the division. They will need to get healthy this week before playing the exact opposite team in Sparty in two weeks. I expect that game to be more like the 12-10 field goal fest we saw last season. Gardner’s turnovers, or lack thereof hopefully, will be the key.


1. Indiana: Kevin Wilson is the offensive Mark Dantonio. His offense is awesome, his defense is terrible and his demeanor is set to grumpy all the time. I assume Oklahoma misses him as their offensive coordinator.

2. Northwestern: It is one thing to lose to Wisconsin in Madison but it is  whole other disaster to lose to Minnesota at home. Losing to OSU in that night game has sent this team to a tailspin and is already out of the division race.

3. Minnesota: One win from a bowl Vose!

4. Ohio State: Its the Braxton/Hyde show. Braxton played his best game of the season against the best defense he has seen all season. The Iowa front seven held up well in the first but eventually wore down. Secondary is a concern and it didn’t help that Roby got tossed for the stupid targeting rule.

5. Iowa: Has the most B1G offense out there. Runs at an insanely slow speed and their best weapons are TEs. I bet Ferentz loves this team.

6. Sparty: Their two TDs came off a defensive score and a WR pass because of course they did.



7. Purdue: Nope

8. Wisconsin: How is Wisconsin ranked #24? Michigan is one spot ahead of them and there is no way that should be. Stupid ASU game

9. Illinois: Sneaky B1G game this week vs Sparty. (Shhhhh)

10. Maryland: Lost two of their WRs including Diggs and they lost to Wake Forest. They are just crossing things off their B1G initiation list.

Next week in the B1G

Noon Games: Nebraska at Minny; Northwestern at Iowa: NW needs this one

330pm: MSU at Ill: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

8pm: PSU at OSU: Braxton is going to carve up the PSU secondary


1. FSU/Winston dominate (Please beat NC State): As Andy Staples put it, that was a 1990s FSU team we saw Saturday night. Not only was Winston and the offense fantastic but the Seminole defense was flying and shutdown Boyd and the Clemson offense. I find it funny that they have to play NC State this coming Saturday, the team they flopped against last year. The whole “FSU is back” narrative has been discussed for years so everyone is hesitant to put that on this team because of their history of losing to the Wolfpack. I have a feeling Winston will put that to bed as well.

2. The U Survived: Miami barely won at UNC but is a Wake Forest win away from entering the FSU game unbeaten. I think it was pretty clear on Thursday that the U is not back but there is no reason they can’t contend for a division crown. Meanwhile I will try my best to not get lost on Youtube watching old FSU/Miami games. (I will fail.)jameisfamous

3. Other than Bama, the SEC is a mess: Missouri and Auburn have come out of nowhere to contend with the Tide while LSU, A&M, UGA, Florida and South Carolina all lost this weekend. The league is not its normal dominant self and that is mainly due to the lack of defense. This does create for some fun games like Auburn/A&M though…

4. Malzahn> Manziel: Uncle Gus has come back to the Plains and has Auburn rolling again. The most impressive thing is he is doing it without Cam Newton. Granted A&M’s defense is horrible but it was still a big win and if you look at their schedule (I know, me getting ahead of myself) they can be at 9-10 wins for the Iron Bowl.

5. Missouri dismantles the Gators: 500 yards of total offense to 180. Maty Mauk stepped in and the Tigers just kept on rolling. Meanwhile my boy Muschamp is fed up with the offense which is at B1G levels of efficiency. (Seriously Florida if you want to join the B1G I am sure Jim Delany will have you. Plus you already hate Ohio State so you will fit right in.)

6. Louisville Lost: I think most college football fans like Charlie Strong and Teddy Bridgewater but still wanted the Cardinals to lose and this included myself. It is nothing against them but with such a weak schedule no one wants to have them flying around complaining that didn’t make the Title game if they went unbeaten. Go unbeaten next year in the ACC and we have no problems.

7. Pac 12 is brutal: UCLA, Washington and Utah all lost on the road and showed that this is probably the best league in America. Both Stanford and ASU jumped back in their division races but there is one team that still looms…

8. Oregon wore pink and still dominated: I am pretty sure they could wear cow costumes and still dominate everyone. Next up is the Bruins at home with College Gameday in attendance.

9. Wazzu threw the ball 89 times: Never change Mike Leach

10. Hop aboard the Sean Mannion hype train: Calabrese started it and I am in the first car just living it up. He threw for 481 yards and 4 TDs as the Beavers dismantled Cal and now get ready to host Stanford.

11. Rocky Top and Butch Jones: Happy for Blake and Dalbey and all other Vols fans who have suffered through some lean years. Looks like they have a guy who can recruit and coach. Tennessee is a tough school for the simple fact it doesn’t have the in state talent other SEC schools do. Just get them in front of that band when Rocky Top plays and they will start to sign up.

12. Kingsbury Watch: The most impressive win for Texas Tech to date as they fell behind WVU on the road and came back to win. They have a tough task at Oklahoma this week but if anyone can do it, Kliff can.

13. BAYLOR BACK Y’ALL: After taking a week off they were back to their old tricks by hanging 71 on Iowa State. Poor Kansas might get 80 plus hung on them.

14. Nov 16th Baylor vs T Tech: My worlds collide, not sure what I am going to do.

15. Nothern Illinois and Fresno State are BCS Crashers: Houston lost so only No Ill and the Bulldogs stay alive to crash the party. (Jordan Lynch had 300 plus yards rushing.)

16. ND beat USC and Rees got hurt: Tommy went down and the ND offense went away which is a terrifying to thing to think if you root for ND. Hilarious if you don’t

17. Duke is 5-2: I feel like you should know this

18. First BCS Standings: No love for Baylor.

Sing Rocky Top from the Mountain Tops

Sing Rocky Top from the Mountain Tops

19. Grambling is a mess: SI story

20. Heisman Watch

1) Jameis Winston: 440 yards and 4 TDs in Death Valley will do that

2) Marcus Mariota: Will have the stage the next two games vs UCLA and Stanford

3) Johnny Manziel: 500 yards and 5 TDs. Not his fault his D sucks

4) Sean Mannion: HOP ABOARD

5) AJ McCaron: I feel like I have to put him here

21. BCS Projections

Nati: Bama vs Oregon

Rose: OSU vs Stanford

Fiesta: Baylor vs Fresno State

Sugar: Missouri vs Wisconsin

Orange: FSU vs Louisville

Look Ahead (Because Why Not?)

330pm: NCSt at FSU; Texas Tech at Oklahoma

7pm: South Carolina at Mizzou; UCLA at Oregon

1030pm Stanford at Oregon State


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