NBA Preview in 140 characters or Less: NorthWestDivision

Today we continue our NBA preview with the Northwest division. Yesterday in a controversial statement we said that the Central Division was the toughest in the NBA. The Northwest division top to bottom is pretty tough in its own right, outside of Utah every single team has aspirations of making the playoffs. Below we offer our quick preview of each team within the division.

National Basketball


NorthWest Division

Oklahoma City Thunder

@its_what_ev: Westbrook is still having knee problems. This year we will finally see how good KD is when he has to carry the load w/out a top 20 teammate

@Ju_2x:  I hope the Thunder don’t turn into the Jazz of the late 80s, 90s and into y2k, KD show the world your game.

The Thunder are going to miss this guy.

The Thunder are going to miss this guy.

Portland Trail Blazers

@its_what_ev: I like the blazers. Aldridge is stud, Lillard has all-nba potential and they have good wings. That being said their D needs to improve.

@Ju_2x: Watch out for Thomas Robinson, the man is an animal, with Lillard and Aldridge, the Blazers could challenge the Thunder for the Division.

Denver Nuggets

@its_what_ev: Denver is a weird team they’re Never elite but always competitive. I think they continue that patter and find a way to grab the 8th seed.

@ju_2x: SOS with Denver, tough to win IN Denver, and they will surely make someone sweat in the Playoffs.

Minnesota Timberwolves

@its_what_ev: Kevin Love is the best PF in the NBA and because of that I think Minny trades him at some point this year. A beach boy living in Minnesota!?

@Ju_2x: With Shabazz’s slightly embarrassing offseason, I am curious to see how he handles himself ON the court….The Power of Love will continue.

Kevin Love's Uncle Mike Love (second from right) is one of the original members of the Beach Boys.

Kevin Love’s Uncle Mike Love (second from right) is one of the original members of the Beach Boys.

Utah Jazz

@its_what_ev: Trey Burke struggled badly isnt an effective one on one player without a high ball screen. His game hurts the development of Favors & Kanter

@Ju_2x: They have some decent young players…..that won’t get them anywhere, but I am paying attention to their growth process.


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