Da Bears: 10 Observations at 4-2

I’m not one for math and fractions in writing this article because I feel like after six games there is enough that we have learned about the Bears based on their first six games. Meaning, I’m not waiting until we’re halfway through the season to make a few key observations about this team. There have been momentary feelings of achieving greatness in the wins and certainly there have been the reality checks in having a few losses.

With that being said,

10. Kyle Long is a BAMF

While it’s far too early to predict their careers and it will do no good to jinx #75 this early on in his career, but Kyle Long is easily on track to be the Bears best first round pick since they took Brian Urlacher in 2000. Don’t believe me, a little Wikipedia research won’t hurt you.

To this point, the worst part of Kyle’s NFL career must be listening to the critics on draft day because ever since then he has done nothing but perform, say the right things and prove he is an absolute MONSTER. Chicago loves him, Cutler loves him, the Bears love him and he loves Chicago. Its so nice to have him on our line.

Kyle Long & Forte on SNF at Pittsburgh week 3

Kyle Long & Forte on SNF at Pittsburgh week 3

9. Forte is still Forte

Which is still so nice to have. While he still struggles with the explosive attack to the LOS on between the tackle carries, Forte is about the surest player in the NFL to get 90+ all-purpose yards per game. In fact it has been even better to watch #22 this season because of Trestman & Kromer’s new west-coast system that utilizes quick plays off the snap (i.e. runs and backs out of the backfield).

Since 2008 there hasn’t been a season where Forte hasn’t gotten over 1,300 all-purpose yards and he’s on pace to accomplish the same thing this year. Sometimes it’s boring to talk about, but consistency is key in this position and Chicago (fans) love Forte.

8. Teams will run all over the Bears

If Brandon Jacobs resurrection wasn’t enough to demonstrate that the Bears are in big trouble with their front seven, watch what Alfred Morris does this Sunday.

Jacobs isn’t fooling me, watch him be a dud the rest of the year. But what will fool all NFL fans for the next 2-3 weeks until it’s further exploited is how much trouble the Bears are in on the front seven. With two starting three techniques out with torn ACLs, Stephen Paea being routinely questionable with a leg injury and DJ Williams being out of the season that makes the Bears awfully thin, inexperienced and frankly not that talented up the middle. That’s a problem…

7. Alshon Jeffery & Black Unicorn is so beautiful

Plain and simple it is beautiful to watch the development of Alshon Jeffery and to have a tight end who is good enough to get open, catch the ball and get necessary yardage on tough downs like Martellus does. Neither of these guys are capable of what Brandon Marshall brings but having them as passing threats certainly provides Cutler with a top 10 receiving corp in the NFL. Marty

6. Revamped Offensive Line Makes Me Tear

Pretty much every year the offensive line makes me cry. They either suck or they carry us. Last year they sucked so bad that I genuinely believed they were the reason of the demise on the season. The quarterback and cast of playmakers are the ones that always demand the attention. Good season, they get the praise. Bad season they get the criticism. But rarely does the average fan understand that everything starts with the line. Good or bad, it’s a domino effect. Having four new guys and Garza and watching them form a new unit is just awesome. They are protecting Jay, creating holes for Matt and letting the offense actually run as its supposed to.

5. Defense isn’t what bears fans are used to

Very similar to point #8, Bears fans need to be on high alert to having a bad defense this year. If the Bears do anything this year it will be because of the offense. Bears are #10 in yards given up and #5 in total points allowed which isn’t good. Teams will utilize the run to open the pass against an injured and mediocre secondary. The one glimmer of praise is that the playmaking ability is still there. Bears will rely on turnovers to change the momentum of close games.

4. Brandon Marshall is everything we could have ever asked for

Michael Irvin said it best last Thursday after the Bears beat the Giants, “It’s so good to see Brandon Marshall thriving and having a city like Chicago that appreciates everything he’s doing”. Truer words cannot be said. It’s almost laughable that Cutler and Marshall are the best QB/WR in the history of the Bears, but with that same breath that laugh feels so good. Brandon Marshall is an absolute beast and a top 2 WR in the NFL. Not only is he monstrous in size, he’s got the surest hands, big play ability, ability to take on triple teams but he also has the best personality for this city. It’s only fitting that Chicago embraces someone with a “borderline personality disorder” because I feel like everyone in Chicago also has BPD to a degree.

Brandon Marshall had one hell of a TNF game vs. NYG (green shoes included)

Brandon Marshall had one hell of a TNF game vs. NYG (green shoes included)

3. Veteran stars won’t be here much longer

Unfortunately it looks like it’s the end of the road for two of the best stars the city has seen recently. Charles “Peanut” Tillman and Julius Peppers look to be deteriorating a lot quicker than Bears fans could hope for. For the last two years it appeared that they were only getting better with age. Unfortunately now Peanut looks like his body is wearing down by the day and no one can even understand what’s up with Peppers lack of production.

While it’s great to have them on the team, Phil Emery will see the $$$$$ that they are looking for or due at the end of the season and will choose to move in a different direction.

2. Trestman might be the real deal

I state this very cautiously because I think the losses to the Saints & the Lions were really poor losses that can be attributed to poor coaching. However, looking at this is a glass half full situation, our new coach (who came from the CFL) is 4-2, has won some close games and has what appears to be a great relationship with our volatile QB.

The things that are the most striking about Trestman is the respect that everyone gives him for his knowledge and the poise he presents. I need to see more from Marc however as he needs to win the next two games to help show me.

1. Cutlers at his best Cutler new

Cutty. Love this guy. Not because he’s an elite QB (yet) but because he is showing that he not only understands what tools he’s been given but he understands how to use them properly. Here’s how he stands this year compared to other NFL QBs:

  • 8th in passer rating (95.2)
  • 10th in passer yards (1630 yards)
  • 8th in passes completed (143)
  • 6th in passing TDs (12)
  • 4th in sack % (3.98%)
  • T1st in comebacks (2)

While it’s not statistically the best in the league, he’s certainly ascending up the ranks early on the season. One can only hope that with a new coach, some new weapons, a new offense and a new offensive line, that there are kinks that are being worked out and working towards being totally worked out. The next big step for Jay is to gain trust that he can win big games consistently. He’ll certainly have that chance coming this season.


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