CFB Drinking Schedule: Week Six

So far the CFB season has been devoid of many shakeups in the Top 10 or even 20. This inevitably gets people to talk about what happens if there are eight unbeaten teams and I am here to remind everyone that it is now October and now things will start happening.

This week’s schedule is weird because there only two marquee games (OSU at NW and Washington at Stanford) and yet there are a lot of so called “trap” games. With conference play kicking off around the country there are many games that don’t seem important but with an upset could affect conference races deep into November.

In addition we have playoff baseball, the start of NHL and a Steelers bye week, it is going to be a good weekend…

Thursday Night Drinking Schedule

5pm Pirates/Reds at Cardinals TBS: Wooooooooooo

7pm Devils at Pens ROOT Sports: THE DEVILLLLLSSSSSSS

"I Hope You Have Some Eligibility Left."

“I Hope You Have Some Eligibility Left.”

730pm Texas at Iowa State ESPN: Things are not looking good for Mack Brown now that AD DeLoss is officially stepping down at the end of the year. Add that to the fact the USC job(and UConn!) is open and I am sure all the big boosters in Austin almost want Mack to lose this game so they can get a head start on their head coaching search.

830pm Bills at Browns NFLN: I wouldn’t have thought this game would have mattered, apparently it does

830pm Dodgers at Braves TBS: Get ready for the tomahawk chop chant. That is not annoying at all.

10pm UCLA at Utah FS1: Stay up late and watch Brett Hundley

Friday Afternoon/Night Drinking Schedule

The President’s Cup: Not the Ryder Cup so no one cares

1pm Pirates at Cardinals MLBTV: I look forward to taking a late lunch

3pm Rays/Indians at Red Sox TBS: Go Tampa

6pm Dodgers at Braves TBS: This is the last time I am mentioning this series. Here is the full schedule if you want it.

730 pm Butler at Upper St Clair: I will be taking in my first USC game in a long time. The Panthers are giving up an absurd 2 points per game. No field goals here

930pm Tigers at Oakland TBS: Go Tigers

Saturday Morning/Afternoon/Night Drinking Schedule

9am Gameday from Evanston: They make their way to NW for the first time in 18 years.

Party Like It's 2004

Party Like It’s 2004

Noon Maryland at FSU ESPN: Maryland tries to do the B1G proud and take down FSU. Unfortunately for the Terps the Noles have Jameis Winston and they do not.

Flip the Channel: MSU at Iowa ESPN2: The only thing keeping this from being the most B1G matchup of the year is if it were on the Big Ten Network. BTN should have fought for it and just gone crazy promoting this game.

Actually Flip it here: Illinois at Nebraska ESPNU: There will actually be offense here and a chance for an upset as well as Bo Pelini freaking out at everyone.

Best Coaching Matchup Texas Tech at Kansas FS1: A decided schematic advantage versus and actual schematic advantage.

330pm Georgia at Tennessee CBS: Man it is a really weak slate of 330 games. When I went to this game a few years ago a Vol fan said “if either one of us was any good we wouldn’t be playing at 12:30 in the afternoon.” Well at least UGA is pretty damn good this time around so they put it on later in the day. Can’t say the same for the Vols.

Flip the channel: Georgia Tech at Miami ESPNU: You should actually be watching this game as it will be an elimination game for the ACC title game. The U is quietly unbeaten and needs this game with back to back games against FSU and VT coming up on the schedule.

Do Not Watch This Game: Minnesota at Michigan ABC/ESPN2: I would not watch this if you want to enjoy your Saturday. I might be talking to myself here.

7pm Average SEC Games ESPN Networks: Arkansas at Florida, LSU at Mississippi St and Ole Miss at Auburn. These will hold you over till 8.

Flip the Channel TCU at Oklahoma FOX: Gus Johnson game so we might see something crazy. Crazy like the Belldozer pulling the Sooner Schooner.

Horrible Uniform Game: ASU vs ND NBC: ASU will be wearing flames on their helmets which means we are close to actual fire being used on Oregon’s uniforms.

Trying to outdo Va Tech

Trying to outdo Va Tech

8pm OSU at Northwestern ABC: This one is tough for me because it would actually help Michigan for NW to lose since they are in the same division. But it is the Buckeyes so I can’t root for them so I will pull for the Purple Cats and I can’t wait for next year’s divisions to get here so I no longer have to deal with this issue.

Flip the Channel: WVU at Baylor FS1: This game was 70-63 last year. Given WVU’s struggles on offense I do not expect the same outcome but their defense will actually present a challenge for Baylor.

1030pm Washington at Stanford ESPN: Grab that Red Bull drink and stay up late for a damn good game. Sark and the Huskies have had a nice start to the season but a win here would send shockwaves through the Pac 12. Lose and they get to play the Ducks next week and risk being a national afterthought in a few weeks.

Sunday Funday Schedule

"I Can Put the Ball Anywhere"

“I Can Put the Ball Anywhere”

1pm: A nice lineup that includes Seahawks vs Colts.

4pm Cardinals at Pirates TBS: Nice of the Steelers to take the Sunday off and give the stage to the Pirates

830pm Texans at 49ers NBC: We will see if what Matt Schaub has in store to blow this game.

1130pm Charges at Oakland NFLN: I had to do a double take when I first saw this and then realized it is do to the A’s playoff game with the Tigers the night before.If you stay up late for this one you are tougher than me.

Monday Funday Schedule

630pm Cardinals at Pirates TBS: Hopefully we sweep them and this is unnecessary

830pm Jets at Falcons ESPN: The Jets have a better record than the Falcons. What the hell is happening?


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