CFB Monday Hangover: Week Four

This whole my teams playing poorly is getting old. Michigan does not look good but at least they are 4-0. The same can not be said for the Steelers. Woof.

I had a bunch of friends in from Chicago for the game so things got out of hand all weekend. I don’t have much commentary. I am going to stomach it and rewatch it soon but same as last week, lots of turnovers. At least the defense showed up but that may have more to do with the UConn offense than anything.

Pretty slow weekend in college football all around with no upsets and the best thing to happen was this onsides kick. That is a thing of beauty. Quick recap…


1. Gardner Turnovers: Clearly this is just a thing. The dude turns it over. He plays with almost too much emotion for a QB and tries to do too much. Again, if he does this against real teams we are toast.

2. Devin Spin move= Roethlisberger pump fake: If we thought the days of horrible plays were over when Denard left we were wrong. He takes sacks and spins into horrible plays. Same as last week, we go as he goes and he went all over the place.

3. Fitz bounced back: The O Line still might be a mess but Fitz had a good game and still has a grip on the #1 RB job.

4. Interior O Line: This will be the main topic of discussion on the Michigan boards this week. They need to shake up something somehow. Not sure if Schofield moves back to guard or Bryant comes in but if it the same lineup versus Minny I will be worried.

5. What’s the Dileo?: 1 catch for 13 yards. THROW IT TO THIS MAN

6. Borges Grade: C+. I guess this is what happens when you run a “plays” offense and have nothing set. I asked for this and so I deserve such nonsense.

7. Frank Clark sighting: Michigan actually generated a pass rush with is nice. Still might be more UConn than anything.

8. Desmond Morgan INT: Very nice. Changed the momentum of the game. Again not the most talented LB on the roster but does all the right things.

9. Courtney Avery back: He played the nickel spot all night, so there is your secondary for the rest of the year. Wilson continues to make my FS worries go away.

10. Mattison Grade: B. Not bad but not great. Again, I don’t think UConn’s offense is any good

11. Paul Pasqualoni’s glasses: It felt like we were getting outcoached by my 7th grade shop teacher.

12. Bye week: So happy for a bye week. Michigan is 4-0 with 2 good games and 2 horrible games but has 4 wins nonetheless. Michigan played well coming out of a bye week each of the previous 2 seasons under Hoke. Hopefully we see it again in 2 weeks against Minny. If we don’t then the panic will continue


1. Nebraska: Pelini didn’t get fired and the Huskers didn’t lose. Way to bounce back Bo.NCAA Football: West Virginia at Maryland

2. Sparty: Their game against ND went as expected including lots of PI calls against Sparty. Of course Dantonio couldn’t help himself and started the QB controversy back up again.

3. OSU: Scored a billion points against Earl Holmes. Rough week for Steelers both former and current.

4. Rutgers and Maryland: Probably the third and fourth best teams in the B1G even though they aren’t in the conference yet. Way to go guys.

5. Minnesota: 4-0 y’all. Showdown in two weeks in Ann Arbor for the inside track to the Insight Bowl. Someone has computer chips in their future.

6. Iowa: I am starting to get envious of the Iowa offense. This isn’t good

7. Northwestern: 4-0 as well and have a showdown next weekend with the Buckeyes. I foresee Gameday in their future.

8. Wisconsin: Bounced back to beat Purdue and now head off to Columbus.

9. PSU: Won 35-0 and they brought back “Sweet Caroline.” Almost makes it a loss

10. Purdue: Got to be the first team to lose a conference game, this makes sense.

11. Indiana: Lost to Mizzou in a bizzaro B1G matchup.

12. Illinois: Bye week city


1. Nothing happened. There we no upsets (Thank God) and the schedule was as bad as it looked. I hope you took my advice and went apple picking or bought some antique furniture.

2. Stanford won the only “good” game of the weekend. They did it in impressive fashion too as they were up 26-0 at halftime. David Shaw is awesome and I hope he doesn’t leave for the NFL soon but someone will offer him lots of money.

3. Fresno State BCS dreams: Alive and well. In the only crazy game of the weekend the Bulldogs took down Boise and the stage is now set for them to go unbeaten. (They may not be able to make up their game with Colorado meaning they might only play 11 games. How 1990s of them.)

4. Clemson survived NC St: It was a little dicey but they are still unbeaten and didn’t sucome to the Wolfpack.

5. LSU: Beat Auburn and are now set to take on UGA this week. A win in between the hedges and we get to start the “game of the adjectives” with Alabama again.

6. Famous Jameis: Still famous

7. RIP Jeff Driskel’s ankle: I am not sure if Gator fans are mad or happy

8. Kingsbury Watch: 4-0 people. All hail the king of cool

9. BAYLOR WATCH: Just another 70 point effort for Baylor. Take half that money you are saving for Saban and just bring it to Waco and give the job to Art Briles.

10. Texas and USC coaching status: Both got wins this week avoiding disasters but I am not sure either inspired much confidence.

11. Pitt and Duke actually played an entertaining football game. It was weird.

12. #HOLGO: No idea what happened to WVU’s offense. The WVU/Baylor matchup this week will be a little lopsided.

Don’t worry this week’s set of games gets us back on track. No need for apple picking this time around. (Except for Sunday because the Steelers are miserable.)


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