6Rings Pick’Em and TC’s Guarantees: Week 3

Quick: who remembers what the morale of last week’s article was? If you guessed, “it’s a marathon, not a sprint,” YOU WIN! The same mantra goes this week so I’m not going to brag about going 6-0 this past week, and I’m sure Mike won’t go gloating around about how he’s tied for first place right now either. Just not our style really.

On the other hand, rough week for Evan (0-6), but he won’t let that bring him down! See, Evan is just like the honey badger in the sense that, well, he just doesn’t give an eff. Goes 0-6 in pick’em? Doesn’t give an eff. Someone pissed in his Cheerios this morning? Doesn’t give an eff.  And I know what you’re thinking, “there’s no way this is true. NOBODY can shrug off an 0-6 week in pick’em like that.” Au contraire mon frère, as evidenced by his glowing spirit in our email chain this week.

HoneyBadger375“I literally have no recollection of any of the games that we have chosen or any of my picks for that matter. …I literally don’t recall any of the lines or the games we have bet as I do not care to maintain them. Side note my picking strategy for the first couple of weeks has been to go against those of everyone else because at the end of day there isn’t any money on the line. So it doesn’t make a different who we pick.”

All the intangibles of a great quarterback really: short memory, laidback demeanor, and just takes what the defense gives him.

Week 3’s games:

Fresno St (-3) at Boise St                                  Packers (-3) at Bengals

MSU at ND (-5)                                                  Colts at 49ers (-10)

Utah St at USC (-7)                                            Bears (-3) at Steelers

Mike (7-4-1)

Fresno – MSU – Utah St – Packers – 49ers – Bears

Tony (7-4-1)

Fresno – MSU – USC – Bengals – 49ers – Steelers

Brian (6-5-1)

Boise – ND – USC – Bengals – Colts – Bears

Jake (5-6-1)

Boise – MSU – USC – Packers – Colts – Bears

Mack (5-6-1)

Fresno – MSU – Utah St – Bengals – Colts – Bears

Evan (1-10-1)

Boise – ND – Utah St – Bengals – Colts – Steelers

TC’s Guarantees (5-4 on the year)

Not much time for insight this week, busy at work doing adult things (boring, I KNOW). Here they are:

Michigan (-19) at UConn

Really no explanation needed. Michigan is fired up after last week, and UConn lost to Towson at home. Bloodbath

Tennessee (+17) at Florida

While I don’t see Tennessee being completely up after last week’s drudging, what other way to rebound than to face your rival who sports an awful offense?

Falcons (+3) at Dolphins

Literally pooped myself when I saw this line. Just don’t see the Dolphins winning this game, and if so, not by more than 3pts.


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