Random Football Friday: 2012 Texas A&M at Alabama

This week the RFF is not really that random as we take a look back at last year’s A&M at Bama game. (You could call it Relevant Football Friday.) This game has lots of hype on it so I figure it is important to look back and actually see what happened in the 2012 edition of the game. Full disclosure, if you really want to learn about the Xs and Os of this game read SmartFootball’s piece on this game at SB Nation. The man is a wizard and we are but his subjects. (Also for a good laugh read GoodBullHunting’s tailgate which includes the best Facebook post of all time.) On with the show…

Who and When: #15 Texas A&M at #1 Alabama November 10, 2012 3:30 pmmanziel2

Announcers: Uncle Verne and Gary Danielson

The Situation: Alabama came into the game 9-0 and had just defeated LSU on the road the weekend before in an epic comeback. They had been riding a 12 game winning streak going back to the previous season and at this point most people considered it a forgone conclusion they would go undefeated. Texas A&M on the other hand was 7-2 and had lost to close games at home to Florida and LSU. They were led by the then relatively unknown redshirt freshman Johnny Manziel. (Remember he wasn’t allowed to talk to the media until after the season.)

The Players

A&M: QB Johnny Manziel, WRs Ryan Swope and Uzoma Nwachukwu, OL Luke Joeckel and Jake Mathews

Alabama: Basically everyone. QB AJ McCaron, RBs Eddie Lacey and TJ Yeldon, WR Amari Cooper, the entire OL, LB Nico Johnson, DB Dee Milner and Ha Ha Clinton-Dix (Haha)

Where was I: Coming off a high from Michigan’s big comeback win over Northwestern. Wooo. We were at a friends house for Thanksgiving dinner and things started getting out of hand by the end of this game.

The Game

:07: CBS Intro Music! YESSSSSSS

1:25: Smartfootball packaged play to Swope. Always be learning folks

1:38: The first play where it looks like Manziel is running around in footie pajamas. RUN AWAY FROM THE MONSTERS JOHNNY

1:53 TD A&M, 7-0 in the 1Q

2:18: McCaron’s first INT of the season which is absurd and also ominous if you are a Tide fan

2:49: Smartfootball adjustment play by Kingsbury and Sumlin (XOXO)

3:01: Johnny Football: This play will play forever on every highlight reel. 14-0 A&M 1Q.

3:19: Kingsbury looking awesome

3:32: Kirby Smart looking befuddled. I love this look and I hope we see more of it on Saturday

4:30: Manziel footie pajamas play part 2.

4:57: Upon further review TD A&M but missed PAT. 20-0 A&M 1Q.

5:53: TJ Yeldon touchdown. 20-7 A&M 2Q.

6:17: Johnny Football y’all

7:04: Eddie Lacey TD run. 20-14 A&M at Half.

8:12: Bama Field goal. 20-17 A&M

9:18: 4th Q!!!!!!!!!!!! Get your hands up

9:44: A&M Field goal. 23-17 4Q

10:15: First down Swope. (Clearly got a concussion on this play)

10:26: Missed A&M field goal. Bama comin.

10:40: McCaron with a deep pass to Cooper/followed immediately by Yeldon fumble

11:25: A dart by Maziel to Swope

11:40: Maziel to Kennedy 29-17 A&M 4Q

12:34: McCaron to Cooper to cut it to 29-24 A&M

13:04: McCaron to Bell down to the 5 yard line. Looks like Bama will win

13:58: McCaron INT. Crippling

15:05: Offsides penalty on a punt. Alabama should get a coach who can teach the basics

16:28: Blonde smokeshow

17:04: Celebrash by the A&M faithful.

Fallout from the game: Technically we are still a part of the fallout as all of this week’s hype is due to last year’s upset win by the Aggies. Maziel went on to blow up and become a part of the main stream after winning the Heisman mainly due to this performance. If you ask someone their opinion on him they will give it you, get ready.

For Alabama it was but a speed bump on their way to another National Title. They went on to win the SEC and then wreck Notre Dame and raise the crystal once again. However the Tide have made a point of focusing on this game all offseason and even went as far as to have the game play on loop throughout their facilities.

For those of you that read the GQ piece on Saban he is in fact the perfectionist he comes across as and I think most of us assume that he has been plotting his revenge on A&M and Manziel all offseason.

While I don’t doubt that I also find it interesting that Saban complains about hurry up offenses and went as far this week as saying A&M’s offense is one of the best in college football history. Its kinda hard to tell since the Aggies have only played Rice and SHSU. Lots of big talk from Saban.

So while I think Bama should be favored and I think they will win just know I am rooting for A&M because I like the fact that Sumlin and his up tempo offense keeps Saban awake at night. I like that Saban can’t just out organize someone else and I think if the Aggies can stifle the new Bama Offensive line then they can win the game.

As for Manziel I think Andrew Sharp summed it up best as to why people love or hate him. For me its pretty simple, I just enjoy watching him play football. I don’t really care about all of the extracurriculars and I hope he and the rest of the Aggie offense can put up points on Bama.

Here is to hope, hype and Gary Danielson being driven insane on national television.

A&M 27 Bama 20


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