6Rings Pick’Em Challenge and TC’s Guarantees

So here we are; the second installment of 6Rings Pick’em and TC’s Guarantees. The results are in from the first week, and to sum it up, some were luckier than others. I mean, there’s really no other explanation than that. This is a whole different ballgame if the Bengals don’t choke1361932867-sad-tiger away their 11pt lead: Jake and Brian would be tied for 1st, Mike would be alone in 3rd (1 game back), Mack and I tied for 4th (2 games back), and lowly Evan all alone in 5th. But you know what? The Bengals did choke the lead away, pushed, and the actual rankings are below. I take complete solace in the fact that this is a marathon, not a sprint, and I’m fully confident in my slow twitch muscles as my fast twitch muscles gave up YEARS ago.

That being said, here’s this week’s slate of games:

Alabama @ Texas A&M (+8)                       Vikings @ Bears (-6)

Iowa @ Iowa St (+2.5)                                  49ers @ Seahawks (-3)

Tennessee @ Oregon (-28)                        Steelers @ Bengals (-7)

Jake (4-1-1)

Alabama – Iowa State – Tennessee – Bears – 49ers – Bengals

Brian (3-2-1)

Alabama – Iowa State – Oregon – Vikings – 49ers – Bengals

Mike (3-2-1)

Texas A&M – Iowa – Oregon – Bears – 49ers – Bengals

Mack (2-3-1)

Alabama – Iowa State – Oregon – Bears – Seahawks – Bengals

Evan (1-4-1)

Alabama – Iowa State – Tennessee – Bears – 49ers – Steelers

Tony (1-4-1)

Texas A&M – Iowa – Oregon – Vikings – Seahawks – Bengals


TC’s Guarantees (4-2 on the year)


Now, I know what you are all thinking, “oh man this guy’s 1-4-1 in pick’em, why in the hell am I going to listen to this idiot?” And you know what? You’re right. If I was placing money on the pick’em games I’d have been forced into coaching a little league baseball team whose star player can only pitch if he’s listening to “Big Poppa” on repeat throughout the game (why G-Baby? WHYYYY?). But guess what? We don’t put our money on those games because those are the games Vegas wants you to bet on. Your pal TC is here to steer you to the Promised Land, and without further ado:

Boston College +14 at USC

Is there a team you’ve ever seen in more disarray than USC is right now? Players and coaches openly jabbing at each other in the media can only lead to complete meltdown. Take the points, grab some beer and popcorn, and watch the drama that is football’s version of 90210.

Wisconsin +6 at Arizona State

Bunch of crumbs left over from the cupcakes these teams have beaten up on. First off, Wisconsin is the better team. Second, Wisconsin’s 3-headed monster rushing attack should keep the ball out of the hands of ASU’s air raid. Third, ASU is at Stanford next week and could be looking ahead while Wisconsin has Purdue at home before their big trip to the Big House. Three valid observations? Must be a lock. Take the six points.

Chargers at Eagles -7.5

How long is that trip from San Diego to Philadelphia going to be after the way the Chargers lost on Monday night? Meanwhile the Eagles are flying high (no pun intended, but maybe pun intended) after a HUGE road win at division rival Washington with limited travel. Eagles new high octane and high energy offense wins the game by double digits.


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