Buckeyes Game Preview & Prediction



(W) Buckeyes: 50 (L) Aztecs (17) 

Without a doubt last week’s season opener at the ‘Shoe started out with a bang that most of us will have as our lasting image of the 2013 season opener. But Buckeye fans won’t deny that the level of dissatisfaction stuck with everyone during the middle of the game struggles is potentially concerning and definitely not allowing Buckeye Nation to flex full muscle of strength.

That being said, today a new sun rises on the heartland of Ohio and it is going to be bright. San Diego St, the Aztecs, aren’t bringing what you would call a formidable opponent worthy of the thought that upset alert is even a remote possibility. With that said, here’s a few predictions on what you’ll see today:

  1. Buckeyes Offense Will Roll For All Four Quarters

SDSU’s defense is awful. Buffalo at least had a potential NFL blue chipper anchoring their defense in Khalil Mack which helped as the Bulls got settled in. SDSU let up 500+ yards to Eastern Illinois and it was a balanced version of sucking. SDSU let up over 340 yards by air and over 180 yards on the ground. That should play out well for the Bucks.

  • Braxton will play for 3 quarters, throwing for over 200 yards, TDs by air, rush for over 100 yards and rush for a TD.
  • Jordan Hall will have 125+ yards and a TD
  • Dontre Wilson will have over 80 yards receiving and 25 yards running and will get his first TD
  • Philly Brown will have 8+ catches and a TD
  • Jeff Heuerman will have 50+ receiving yards and a TD
  • Rod Smith will have 50 yards on the ground and a TD in his return

2.   Buckeyes Defense Will Roll For All Four Quarters With Just A Few Exceptions

Curtis Grant

I’m so excited to have Bradley Roby & CJ Barnett back on defense that I woke up this morning, poured myself some cereal and started screaming like this fan . The insertion of Roby & Barnett will bring the Silver Bullets flawless secondary play against an inferior opponent. Buffalo attacked Armani Reeves last week. Don’t expect the Aztecs to be able to do anything against Roby.

That said, one of the biggest concerns after week one was the inexperience on defense, most notably on the front seven. The inexperienced front seven needs to take some drastic strides today in dominating in the trenches and shutting down the run. Look for SDSU to sustain a few impressive drives late but be shut down early. Look for:

  • A Roby INT
  • Shazier to have 15 tackles and then celebrate his 21st birthday in Columbus later tonight
  • Curtis Grant turnover
  • Noah Spence to have 2 sacks and 2 additional TFL’s
  • Adolphus Washington sack and 6 tackles
  • Christian Bryant INT

Vegas didn’t make the spread -28.5 Buckeyes for nothing. This is a bit closer than anticipated and anyone that bets professional can tell you that Vegas is almost always right. That means you can either pick on OSU’s offense to dominate or defense to dominate. I pick offense simply because they have more play makers and they need to make a statement.

Go Bucks!


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