Buckeye Halftime Report: Collect Your Cover, It’s Over


Great first half if you are a Buckeye Fan. Well… almost.

Here’s a few quick takeaways that caught my eye:

  • Braxton is having a rough start to the season. It is real tough watching him on the field, not because he isn’t doing awesome when he’s in, but rather the cringe and worry about how close he is to a legitimate injury comes into play. Today’s minor MCL sprain is a saving grace, let’s hope it doesn’t happen again after this week as he is expected to be back if not today, definitely next week.
  • Dontre Wilson & Noah Spence will be the 2013 breakout stars of the team. Wilson brings unbelievable speed and skills that will be a tremendous “X” Factor this season. Noah Spence continues to shine a little bit brighter with each play…
  • Kenny Guitton III you are the man. Thank you for allowing all of Ohio State nation to not worry about who our backup QB is. Essentially thank god you are not Bauserman.
  • The defense is flying around to the ball this week so much stronger than last week. They look like a complete unit with Roby/Barnett back in the lineup and the front seven looks dominate.
  • San Diego State sucks
  • The running back rotation seems to be working great. Love that Hall gets the majority of the carries as he looks better this year than when he played last. Wilson adds the additional option “X Factor” as mentioned & Rod Smith has been productive with his carries.

The pregame stat predictions have been pretty identical with the result. Here’s what I look for in the second half:

  • Lots of Rod Smith & some of Bri’onte Dunn/Warren Ball
  • Buckeyes will easily hit the 50 point pregame prediction
  • Kenny Guitton will finish the game and will do it strong.
  • Roby will get his pick

Stay tuned, lay back or turn up, do whatever you’d like but definitely get yourself another drink for the second half


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