6Rings Pick’em Challenge and TC’s Guarantees

Hi my name is Tony, and I’m and addict. I’m addicted to gambling, or at least the likes of Bovada, Sportsbook, and BetUS have all raped and pillaged my wallet at some point. That’s just a joke, kind of, but hey, a recovered alcoholic still drinks the wine at church, right? It’s only right that as sports bloggers we have a competition involving Vegas lines. I’ll keep telling myself that the two go hand in hand.

Jake Watts, Mack Watts, Mike Roarty, Evan Marshall, Brian Baird and myself have decided to take our my love of gambling and turn it into a friendly competition here at 6Rings. Each week I’ll select six weekend games (three NCAA, three NFL) in which we will submit our picks and tally the results over the course of the year. Play along if you’d like since the winner will receive a handmade greeting card from yours truly.

Since I’m a natural philanthropist, I’ll also include three of TC’s Guarantees each week. Feeling pretty cocky after last week’s 3-0 start (Western Michigan +28, Alabama -21.5, and Oklahoma -21) and confidence is through the roof. We all know how this ends, so I’ve decided to bring you all down with me.

Without further ado, here’s this weeks’ selections for pick ‘em:

Cincinnati (-8) @ Illinois                           Bengals @ Bears (-3)

South Carolina @ Georgia (-3)               Raiders @ Colts (-10)

Notre Dame @ Michigan (-4)                 Packers @ 49ers (-4.5)


Illinois, South Carolina, Michigan, Bears, Raiders, 49ers


Cincinnati, Georgia, Michigan, Bears, Colts, Packers


Cincinnati, South Carolina, Michigan, Bears, Raiders, 49ers


Cincinnati, Georgia, Notre Dame, Bears, Colts, Packers


Cincinnati, Georgia, Michigan, Bengals, Colts, 49ers


Cincinnati, South Carolina, Notre Dame, Bengals, Colts, 49ers


TC’s Guarantees (3-0 on the year)

Oregon -23 (@ Virginia)

I know what you’re thinking; huge road favorites are a big no no. Not here. Same thing happens every year with Oregon, give the 23 this week before it’s 31 next week.

Patriots -10 (@Bills)

Again with the big road favorite I know, but it’s Belichick versus a rookie QB. Plus if there’s one thing I’ve learned, don’t doubt Tom Brady (I just puked in my mouth a little bit).

Colts -10 (v. Raiders)

Take it from the Raiders fan, this one will not be close. Andrew luck is going to have all day to shred the Raiders secondary because they have ZERO pass rush. The Raiders offensive line is decimated too.

Disclaimer: You’re a grown ass man and can make your own decisions. I’m not responsible for any losses.


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