2015: What a Time to Be Alive

Sports are a big part of my life. More often than not, my mood is a direct reflection of the recent success of my favorite teams.

Two years ago, I wrote a piece about my sports hell. Life was dark, my teams were losing, and there seemed to be little hope in the eyes of my sports future.

Today, I’m here to talk about just the opposite. Today, there’s no pessimism, no frown, and no reason to complain about life in my sports world. As today stands, 2015 has been a helluva time to be alive.

I want to take a moment to recap what 2015 has looked like… just so I don’t ever forget.

2015 gave us Car.Dale. Jones Cardale Jones

2015 drew up “85 yards through the heart of the South”

2015 saw a team lead by a third string quarterback wipe the smile off Nick Saban’s face

2015 produced trophies, riots, and celebrations

2015 saw Ohio.

2015 saw a rookie come up 12 days into the season and ignite hope, and then

2015 watched hope turn into reality.

2015 wrote “We are Good” and then proved it

2015 watched Wrigleyville erupt for a champion not wearing Cubby blue. And then

2015 fostered deja vu on Clark Street.

2015 gave us SCHWARBOO, KB, Russell, and even Baez.

2015 blessed us with Maddon…then Lester…then Arrieta.

2015 brought baseball back into the lives of those who lost touch with its power, fascination, and thrill.

2015 heard Go, Cubs, Go — from a mile away

2015 let us #FlyTheW

2015 gave us chills, memories, and passion…

…and 2015 is still ticking.

Take a minute, look around, and enjoy 2015. Good times are on the horizon, but we know how fast things can change in our immersive sports world.

Whaddya say, Chicago?



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