Hoops 411: Conference Play Checkpoints in Basketball Realm

Sooooo this basketball season has taken a sharp turn for the worst for me, but that’s already been thrown out there. I don’t want to drown everybody else in my big pool of sorrows. Instead, I’ll stuff ’em in a sack and just deliver yet another checkpoint in this hoops season of madness. Let’s not waste any time…

4 NBA Teams Playing Good Basketball


This sucks…

Chicago Bulls (20-20): Huh? Two weeks ago it looked like the Bulls had entered FULL Tank Mode. They traded Lu Deng, essentially the heart of the team, for cap space. Now? They’re 6-2 in their last 8 since the trade, including several OT wins. True team of character. Preseason Prediction: 59 wins 

San Antonio (32-9): Who’s actually surprised by this? The Spurs yet again will quietly end with the best record in the league and nobody will care. Preseason Prediction: 61 wins

Brooklyn Nets (18-22): Everybody kind of had a feeling a late season surge is inevitable for this team. New team, old players, new coach. There is no way a KG led team would quit. 8-2 in their last 10, climbing backing into the playoffs (which says nothing in the East). Preseason Prediction: 55 wins

LA Clippers (29-14): Even with CP3 being sidelined, the Clips are catching stride closing in on the All-Star Break. Another team that is 8-2 in their last 10. Deandre and Blake are freaks. Still my 3rd best team in the West. Preseason Prediction: 62 wins

4 “Not so fun” NBA Teams To Be On Right Now

New Orleans Pelicans (16-25): They are 1-9 in their last 10. Now, I know that Anthony Davis hasn’t been fully healthy lately, but these guys have talent. Davis, Gordon, Evans, Jrue? C’mon guys. Preseason Prediction: 38 wins

NY Knicks (15-26): I don’t even want to write about this team. They suck. Just watch this video instead and it will ALL make sense.

LA Lakers (16-26): It’s getting weird seeing all of these power house franchises down in the dumps. Is the NBA changing or is it just a weird season? Bulls, Knicks, Celtics, Lakers… Preseason Prediction: 35 wins

Boston Celtics (14-29): Did I mention that it was weird seeing these teams down in the dumps? A team that, a month ago, looked like they could be a surprise playoff team is now looking like they’re coached by a 37 year old first year NBA coach. Oh wait… Preseason Prediction: 38 wins

Most Impressive College Hoops Teams

Arizona (18-0): In my first Hoops 411, these guys were my “Team to Make Note of Now”, and then in my last one, they rose to the top. Surprise, surprise, they’re still number one. Death, taxes and the Arizona Wildcats. Just keep watching them… it’s fun.

Syracuse (18-0): I think C.J. fair and Tyler Ennis have jumped into my top 3 favorite duo to watch in college basketball. Syracuse just seems like they are always there. I don’t think they’ve played much spectacular competition so far, but they are impressive when they do. They still have to play Duke twice, but I think they can stay at the top for a while.

Names to Get Familiar With

Tyler Ennis: Like I mentioned above, Ennis is slowly becoming one of my favorite players in the game. He’s a freshman and slides well under the radar with names like Parker, Wiggins and Embiid out there. But watch him play. He has a silky game and is a lot of fun to watch. There are certain players that are just athletes, and then there are the Tyler Ennis’s who make the game look easy. Keep a look out for him going forward. NCAA Basketball: Villanova at Syracuse

T.J. McConnell: It’s only fair that my two “Names to Get Familiar With” come from the two top teams in college basketball. Both point guards, both incredibly vital to their teams. McConnell is Aaron Craft with a better shot. He’s probably not going to soar up anybody’s draft board, but he, like Craft, is fun to watch. He’s a glue guy and one that does everything for his team in order for them to win. If you don’t know him, make sure to watch when the Cats are on TV next.


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