Michigan Thoughts: Nussmeier Hire

Here are some quick thoughts on the Nuss Hiring

1. Borges wasn’t producing a consistent offense, he had to go: Michigan was all over the map last year as it had three good performances against ND, Indy and OSU but mostly bottomed out. There was no consistent effort game to game. Add that to all the tackle over stuff they tried in the middle of the year and the constant O line shuffling and it is clear they were just throwing shit up against the wall. Plus Borges got masked for 2 years with Denard into thinking Michigan had a run game. Michigan had Denard and Molk in 2011 but other than that it couldn’t run. I actually didn’t mind his passing concepts and I probably would have preferred Borges over a lot of Lloyd’s coordinators.(Here is the MGoBlog eulogy on the Borges era if you need more reason for him to go.)

"I get to bring all the players from Bama right?"

“I get to bring all the players from Bama right?”

2. My beef with Borges: Saying it was about “executing” all year and saying playing Denard held the offense back. That is a crap thing to say even if there is some truth to it. It is his job to put his team in a place where they can execute and while Denard wasn’t his preferred QB he was an amazing athlete and it his job to adapt to talent. Borges defense was when I get my offense we will be good which I would hope but a good coach gets the most out of what he has. Its not like Denard was Nick Sheridan.

3. This is not some philosophical change hire: This is basically just an upgrade. When it was reported Hoke reached out to Mazzone at UCLA I thought maybe Michigan might go back to spread but that is not the case. Nuss clearly runs a pro style/slow tempo offense which is what Borges did as well. This is just a hire that Nuss can do it better.

4. This gives Michigan some good PR and a reboot: They can say they hired a guy away from Bama (even tho it sounds like he got pushed out) and Hoke can say that they are making changes after 7-6. My main point is the offense is going to be super young and will struggle to start no matter who the OC is so they can sell the idea of “transition” as all of the young kids play and hopefully get better. Getting rid of Borges from a PR standpoint is a good thing because he would have gotten killed in the media next year too as the offense transitions.

5. Things I am excited about Nuss’s QB history: Has done a good job of recruiting and developing QBs. This is what Michigan used to be known for and they have 2 good prospects in Morris/Speight and hopefully will add another in 2015. I am for Devin starting next year for the simple fact he is a 5th year senior (Michigan hasn’t had one since Navarre) on a super young offense but I don’t mind Shane getting a shot. I am for anything to help win at this point. QB isn’t the main issue, that would be…

6. Short term: Offensive line: Michigan couldn’t run, everyone knows this. Gone are 2 NFL tackles as well so its not like it will get easier. Good part is they have the bodies now. Problem is the only upperclassmen with starting experience is a former walkon. I am most interested to see who Nuss hires as his OL coach. I am hoping for Bob Bostad formerly of the Buccaneers and Badgers but I have no idea if that is realistic.

7. Advanced stats take on Nuss: . Obviously his best years were the last 2 with the most talent at Bama, that won’t just happen overnight but it is encouraging to see he can do it. What that tells me tho is his ideal offense is a slow death machine of running the ball and play action which is what Hoke wants. So if Hoke is going to go down he is going down playing the style he best prefers.

8. Defense must improve: Its great that Michigan rants to run the ball and let the defense dominate but in order to do that the defense has to be, you know, good. I was most disappointed in the defense in the bowl game as they got shredded again and there will need to be significant improvement if Michigan is to have a good 2014.

9. Goal for 2014: Both sides of the ball improves as the season and not hate watching them. No win total set just hope they are actually a team worth watching. The bar is set low, I hope they can clear it.

10. Lastly, “Nuss” is fun to say so that is nice: I look forward to yelling NUSS at the top of my lungs in both anger and happiness after good/bad plays next season. 2014 is looking brighter already.


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