Bears @ Browns Preview: Chicago By Way of Ohio


Miss me? I’m here again to whisper sweet nothings about the upcoming Bears game that holds a little more weight for me than do other games.

Being an Ohio State student, I naturally have many friends who are fans of the damn Cleveland Browns. Do I really have anything against the Browns? No, it is just fun watching friends and roommates suffer year after year while still being given a ray of hope. It’s fun because I get to hear them rationalize for every decision, every game, and every season. I like to call them the “Delusional Cleveland fans”.

Well, because of this connection and personal investment in this game, I’d like to go through what I think my next few hours are going to look like on the “Twittisphere”/Social Realm.

Note: I’m going to be talking in 3rd person for the remainder of this piece


10:23 Text from Mack to friends and foes: “Big game today. What are your wagers?”

11:56 Tweet from @6RingsSports: Big game for #Bears postseason hopes. In Jay we believe?

1st Quarter

12:19 Tweet from @6RingsSports: #Bears not looking like they missed a beat. #Cutler moved the ball well on first possession. Gould for 3!

12:20 Text from Mack to friends and foes: Start of a long, long afternoon fellas.

12:41 Text from Mack to friends and foes: WEEDEN TIME *Laughs at the anguish on all Brownie fans faces*

12:47 Tweet from @6RingsSports: With the 22nd pick of the 2012 NFL Draft, the Cleveland #Browns select: Brandon Weeden LOL

Bears: 6 – Browns: 0

2nd Quarter

1:06 Tweet from @6RingsSports: Looks like Jason Campbell is back for the #Browns. #Bears fans’ laughs turn to giggles.

1:14 Text from Mack to friends and foes: Joe Haden can’t cover 11 guys. Too bad. Go Bears!

1:15 Tweet from @6RingsSports: Touchdown #Bears. Who else missed that #Cutler to #Marshall connection? *Raises hand*

1:24 Text from Mack to friends and foes: Josh Gordon is a beast.

Bears: 13 – Browns: 7

3rd Quarter

1:58 Text from Mack to friends and foes: What are your thoughts? I’m thinking Bears will take this lead and run with it

2:14 Tweet from @6RingsSports: Did I mention that Josh Gordon is a beast?

2:31 Tweet from @6RingsSports: The #Bears defense cannot and will not let the #Bears win a playoff game. Cutler and McCown not the problem…

Bears: 13 – Browns: 21

4th Quarter

2:41 Text from friends and foes to Mack: Hey asshole, you scared yet?

2:51 Reply from Mack to friends and foes: Never, Devin Hester baby, Devin Hester. But that failed 2 pt conversion hurts…

2:52 Tweet from @6RingsSports: He is the best of all time #Hester

3:04 Text from Mack to friends and Foes: HUGE BEARS STOP. This is it fellas…

3:15 Tweet from @6RingsSports: 4th and short. Do you go for it? #Bears

3:17 Tweet from @6RingsSports: *Takes deep breath* Wow, big time conversion

3:21 Tweet from @6RingsSports: That is why we trust Robbie Gould! Game, blouses #Beardown

3:22 Text from Mack to friends and foes: Suck it. Go Bears.

Final Score: Bears: 22 – Browns: 21


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