My Absence, The B1G Championship and A Look Ahead to the Orange Bowl



You ask, why hasn’t there been any 6 Rings coverage of the B1G Championship game? I’m sorry folks, but my hearts been in the shop for several days now trying to be repaired…

Saturday night was the most depressing night that I have experienced in a long, long time. Not only was the National Championship thrown away, but I had a personal investment in the game as well: my dad is a Spartan ‘til his grave.

Do you know that feeling when you just don’t want to talk to anybody, but you know that in a matter of seconds your phone is going to start buzzing? Maybe it is just me, but that was my feeling on Saturday night, knowing my dad was waiting on the other line, debating whether to beat me when I’m down or not.

Yes, this is my dad......

Yes, this is my dad……

Believe it or not, the texts came flying in (Not just from my dad). The tweets filled up with joy from just about every non-Ohio State fan out there. The Facebook posts demeaning the Buckeyes and their loss. What can you say back?

You can mention how Michigan State is better than just about any team they’re fans of. You can mention how Ohio State is still going to be in a BCS game. You can mention Ohio State’s 24-game winning streak prior to that game. You can mention Urban Meyer’s prestige and mention that the Buckeyes will continue to only improve. You can mention that this was the first time as an Ohio State student that you have woken up on Sunday a loser.

But what you cannot mention is the fact that Ohio State will not be playing for a National Championship, or a 26th consecutive win, or an undefeated season… because they simply got beat.

Now that I’ve had three days to digest the loss, I want to rationally address my top headlines from the game…

1) The 4th Down Call

Due to much controversy on this play, I want to share my 2 cents. While I don’t agree 100% with the play call, I don’t disagree with it. You say, “When has the big dog (Carlos Hyde) been stopped for less than 2 yards all season? Give him the ball its obvious…” and I say, “Yes, but hindsight is 20/20 and Braxton Miller has been making big plays for you all game long. Let you Heisman candidate give you his Heisman moment.” It was a clear missed block by Heuerman. If he makes that block, Braxton easily picks up 2 yards and possibly more. Sometimes things just don’t work how you expect them too.

2) Braxton Miller showed why Kenny G is not Braxton Miller

This is no disrespect to my man Kenny G, possibly the most loved Buckeye of all time, but there was never any QB controversy this season and Braxton Miller showed why he is a joy to watch. When the Bucks were getting beat in every aspect of the game, Braxton put the whole damn team on his back and personally brought them back in the game in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. When I was stuck thinking that it was going to be a longggg night, he gave me hope and confidence that we would somehow pull out the game no matter how terrible we played. I’m hoping that he decides to stick around for another year because I love watching him play.

Is this swag?

Is this swag?

3) Michigan State’s Defense is as Advertised

Darqueze Dennard is an absolute monster and took away any deep pass opportunity that we had all game. Ohio State is usually good for at least 1-2, 35-yard strikes a game and they got 0. Their front 7 are intimidating, and they shut down Ohio State’s prolific offense for nearly the whole game. 25 yards in the 4th quarter for the Bucks? There really isn’t much more that I have to say about these guys besides for that they’ve been in my nightmares every night this week. I’m looking forward to watching them beat up on Stanford in the Rose Bowl.

4) How Many Mental Errors Does it Take to Lose a B1G Championship? 

Mark up about 10 for Ohio State that game. The first quarter was embarrassing. There were two 3rd down passes that had about a 10% chance each of getting completed, but Doran Grant and Ryan Shazier decided they wanted to keep the drives going with two TERRIBLE pass interference penalties. The Doran Grant penalty was a clear push and the Shazier hit could have been the dumbest defensive play I’ve see in a long time. That lead to a field goal on the first drive for a weak Michigan State offense, giving them all the confidence they needed to start the game. If that wasn’t enough, the Buckeye offense started with a three and out to follow. That drive was highlighted by an early snap while Braxton was calling an audible and an errant screen pass to Los. Terrible start to the game, lead to a scared Buckeye team the rest of the game.

5) Ohio State’s Defense is… well… f****** terrible 

"And then he said, this isn't where I parked my car"

“And then he said, this isn’t where I parked my car”

I’m not sure words can describe how bad our defense is. No disrespect to Connor Cook, but he was able to do whatever he wanted all game long, passing for 300+ yards. I’ll let that marinate…

Connor Cook passed for over 300 yards on Ohio State’s defense. At what point as a defensive back do you say, “I’m not going to let this happen any more. I’m not going to allow myself to keep getting beat”. I don’t know if that is coaching or lack of talent or both. Aside from Joey Bosa, I was unimpressed with every defensive player during that game and all season for that matter. It was one of those, “Ehhh, I know our defense isn’t that great, but they’re still better than Michigan State’s offense so I don’t think we will get exposed” type of games but yet I was completely wrong. Taj Boyd is licking his chops.

A Look Ahead to the Orange Bowl

Like I just said, Taj Boyd has to be licking his chops when he watches film for the next 3 weeks. Then again, Braxton has to be doing much of the same. I expect this game to be a shootout. Lots of offensive production and little to no defense ever being seen. The main thing for Urban and the Ohio State football program at this point is to win the bowl game. Ohio State cannot afford to lose if they want to be respected going forward. After talking yourself up for 24 straight weeks, you cannot afford to lay an egg again for the second straight week.

Will it be easy? No, but it is necessary.



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