CFB Drinking Schedule: Week Fourteen

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you are reading this with sweatpants on and are mentally preparing yourself to eat more than you thought possible. I myself am a pretty simple Thanksgiving eater. Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans and then drown everything in gravy. Then repeat that until I black out.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Only one problem this year is I have to stay awake Thursday night. In all of Roger Goodell’s infinite wisdom the Steelers will be playing the Ravens that night and because the AFC is terrible somehow both teams are still in the playoff hunt. This is an elimination game of sorts with the winner getting back to .500 and head into December with some hope.

This will be a good way to kick off the long weekend that will be filled with rivalry games throughout college football. Some games have major implications (Iron Bowl) while others are just a way for one team to have bragging rights for the next 365 days.

Either way I hope you enjoy your meal and your hatred for your opposing teams…

Thursday Schedule

1230 Packers at Lions FOX: So I hosted a bunch of Lions fans a few weekends ago against the Steelers and after they lost they weren’t worried because they played Tampa next. Well they lost to Tampa so I think panic mode is setting in up there in Detroit. They need to win this game with Rogers out.

430 Raiders at Cowboys CBS: My family normally eats during the Cowboys game and I take a nap afterwards. It is a good family tradition.

Never Stop Eating

Never Stop Eating

730 Texas Tech at Texas FS1: Mack Brown has two games left to help or hurt his cause. This should be a win against a struggling Red Raiders team. I stress the word should.

Flip the channel Ole Miss at Miss St ESPN: Tune in for the Egg Bowl which will go a long way for Dan Mullen one way or the other. (I think every game I am going to mention how this will affect at least one of the coaches, if not both.)

830 Steelers at Ravens NBC: Fair warning, this game is going to be brutal. They normally are but neither of these teams is elite like they once were. Field goals and fumbles. Its what the pilgrims and indians wanted all those years ago.

Friday Schedule

Noon Iowa at Nebraska ABC: The Cornhuskers can lock up another nine win season for Pelini. For Iowa this would double their win total from a year ago.

Flip the channel: SMU at Houston ESPN2: I am being serious, flip the channel here. Lots of points plus the end of Garrett Gilbert. Lots of storylines here people. Listen to me

230pm Arkansas at LSU CBS: Bret Bielema will try to go 0-8 in his first SEC season. He will then write a note to every AD in the B1G saying how much he wants to come back.

Flip the channel Wazzu at Washington FOX: The Apple Cup! Each team is already bowl eligible but this is a big one now that Leach is involved. The Cougs sprung the upset last year at home but it will be tougher in Seattle.

7pm Oregon State at Oregon FS1: The Civil War and neither team has much to play for. That is shocking for the Ducks who usually need the win to clinch the division or a BCS at large bid. They will just have to settle for 10 wins.

Saturday Morning/Day/Night Schedule

They will not be eating together this week

They will not be eating together this week

9am College Gameday from Auburn: Everyone will be in Auburn to take in a very meaningful Iron Bowl. The Tigers haven’t beaten the Crimson Tide since Cam Newton left and cause Harvey Updyke to start killing trees. I wonder what he would so if the Tide lost this one.

Noon OSU at Michigan ABC: The Game. For OSU this is to continue their imperial death march to another unbeaten year. For Michigan this is a shot a salvaging a lost season.

Flip the channel: Minneota at MSU BTN: Just in case things get out of hand

This will get out of hand: FSU at Florida ESPN: I am pretty sure Foley is keeping Muschamp because of the Padawan thing. I would.

This might be the best game: Duke at UNC ESPN2: Insert college basketball joke here. (Seriously though how good would Jabari Parker be at tight end?)

330pm Alabama at Auburn CBS: Like most I expect Bama to win but I have a feeling Malzahn keeps it close. It has been the Tigers year

The dream is gone: Baylor at TCU ESPN2: So sad

7pm Clemson at South Carolina ESPN2: In the summer Clowney said Boyd was afraid of him. I don’t doubt that at all. There is no shame in that

Flip the channel: Notre Dame at Stanford FOX: This game has no bearing on either teams season. Not really sure why I put it here.

745pm Texas A&M at Missouri ESPN: A win for the Tigers wraps up the East. A win for A&M may be John Football’s last in an A&M uniform.

Flip the channel: UCLA at USC ABC: USC will be fighting for Coach O’s job

930pm Arizona at ASU Pac 12 Network: Why is this on the Pac 12 Network?

Sunday Funday Schedule

Birds all weekend

Birds all weekend

1pm Cardinals at Eagles FOX: I did not expect this game to be important

4pm Broncos at Chiefs CBS: The Broncos can go from wrapping up the 1 seed to 4th place in a matter of six quarters.

830pm Giants at Redskins NBC: Do not watch this game

Monday Funday Schedule

830pm Saints at Seahawks ESPN: Do watch this game

Enjoy your holiday everyone


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