Let the Hate Train Ride, GO BUCKS


Depending on which year you were born, your deep rooted hate may differ when it comes to that team up north. For me it started in the early 90’s when the players in this week’s game were born.

Yes, I realize I’m dating myself by admitting that but it’s the truth. My first memories I try to forget from this rivalry. However, the game I remember so vividly as it is my first memory of this rivalry and still burns to the core today.

An 11-0 Ohio State team was heading to Ann Arbor with a season that included victories over six ranked teams including Notre Dame, Boston College and Washington. Also included was a 54-14 thumping of Pitt which has contributed to Mark May’s hate toward Ohio State.  Eddie George was a front runner for the Heisman and the Bucks were flying high heading to that cesspool up north.

Tim Biakabutuka, this name stings Buckeye fans the way John Elway does Cleveland fans. Tim Biakabutuka ran for 313 yards and a touchdown and could have cared less that #27 from the other team was going to take home the Heisman because now OSU would not be playing for a National Championship. This was a time in the mid 90’s when playing a Big Ten schedule was perceived at the same strength as todays SEC teams without the ESecPN pump up.

The 1996 loss was even more depressing, watching one of the best Buckeye teams I have ever seen including the National Championship team. These are just the two biggest letdowns in my lifetime. The history of this rivalry goes so far back in history I could type until game day but if you are a Buckeye you know the history and know the hate.

The last ten years have been filled with mostly Ohio State dominance and I expect that to continue this weekend. Ohio State has the superior athletes and is getting better while scUM has digressed this season. Their rushing attack looks non-existent and the defense can be scored on at will.  That being said I suggest we don’t sleep on any scUM team because I prefer history not repeat itself. There is nothing like this rivalry. It’s something you stew on for 364 days if your team loses and celebrate for 364 if your team wins. If you are the head coach at OSU they say “If you beat the team up north you can walk the streets of Columbus, if you lose you walk the alleys”

Nothing captures the hate like a true life experience that I will leave you with today. This is a story sent to me from a person I have known for 15 years and understands what it is like to be a Buckeye. This captures the true hate we have for that team. Go Bucks and more hate to come before gameday…

Against Our Core Values

After a long day traveling from coast to coast I found myself at the terminal gate waiting to board a Boeing 737 with Columbus as my final destination. I spend a significant amount of time in airports and often times become numb to my environment, simply moving from city to city with little thought. I have to be honest and say that there isn’t a better feeling than approaching a gate and feeling that special bond amongst strangers knowing we all love and appreciate the same special city, the unspoken values and ideals on which we all agree.

This day was special. This flight was different. I happened to be seated next to a beautiful, middle-aged woman who had a story. She smiled at me as we engaged in what is normally obligatory conversation but on this particular day evoked excitement as we returned to the city we call “home”. The woman described how her motherly instincts kicked in when she stumbled upon a young boy, upset and helpless because he had somehow been separated from his father. She asked the boy his last name and where he was going, proceeded to the gate attendant and located the father’s gate assignment. After racing through the airport to ensure the boy was returned safely to his father, she entered was seemed to her to be a nightmare.

The boy ran to his father yelling, Daddy, daddy here I am!!” and as the father turned to reunite with his son, she felt that pang of disdain. The boy’s father wore the colors of that school up North in that state we don’t acknowledge. Maize and blue. “He couldn’t be!” she thought. And as the father looked up the issue was evident. The woman who returned his son was bleeding scarlet and gray he bore an M on his chest. As she walked away he heard her mumble, “Oh I shoulda left that boy RIGHT where I found him!”

Go Bucks


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