6Rings Pickem Challenge and Tony’s Gaurentees

Hey everyone, this is not Tony.

Tony is trying to pretend he has a real job so he tasked the Pickem Challenge to me and I will do my best to screw this up.

I don’t have anyone else’s picks last week but my own. It doesn’t matter though since I went 5-1 and am for sure in the lead. Winner of this gets pride and a box of Parmesan Cheeze Its so I am giving my all. Here are this week’s games:

This Week’s Games:
Michigan at MSU (-5)                                      Falcons at Panthers (-7.5)



Oklahoma State at Texas Tech (-1)             Steelers at Pats (-6.5)
Miami at FSU (-21)                                              Bears at Packers (-10.5)


Michigan-Texas Tech-FSU- Falcons-Pats-Packers

Sparty- Texas Tech- FSU-Panthers-Pats-Bears

Michigan-Texas Tech- Miami- Falcons-Pats-Bears

Sparty-Texas Tech- FSU- Falcons- Pats- Bears

Sparty-OK St- Miami-Falcons- Pats- Packers

It is a dog on a surf board, what's not to like?

It is a dog on a surf board, what’s not to like?

Michigan-Texas Tech- Miami- Falcons-Pats-Packers

Michigan-Texas Tech- Miami- Panthers-Pats-Packers

TC’s Gaurentees

I am going to pretend to be Tony. All of you are jabronis and need to follow this advice…

Drink Bud Heavy and watch the WWE. You will feel better.

You are welcome


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