CFB Hangover: Week Nine

No Michigan game this past weekend so you don’t have to read me bitch about my team and instead will talk about someone else’s collapse. That particular team is Missouri as they choked a 17-0 lead away and lost 27-24 in 2 OT.

Worst Haunted House Ever

Worst Haunted House Ever

I was watching both this game and Oregon/UCLA and as the Ducks separated themselves from the Bruins, the Tigers let South Carolina back in the game. Having experienced this two weeks prior these are never fun defeats and as Pat Forde puts it, this is just part of Missouri football history.

While they are still in control of their own destiny to get to Atlanta that loss will haunt them regardless. They now have to take on Dalbey’s Vols and end their season with tough game against Manziel and A&M.

Let’s check in on the rest of college football which was filled with many slaughters by higher ranked teams…


1. OSU: Finally had their dominant performance and smacked around PSU. They had over 400 yards rushing and Braxton looked like the preseason Heisman candidate he was billed to be. Now their schedule consists of Purdue, bye, Illinois and Indiana. Expect lots of style points to be put up in order to be considered for the top 2 teams.

2. PSU: Their worst loss since 1899 so, um yea, that was bad. Makes me feel even worse after Michigan lost to them two weeks ago. Still a long way to go for BOB and Hackenberg but at least they know what the best team in the B1G looks like in person. And Braxton will have graduated when they go back to the Shoe in two years.

3. Sparty: Hate week part two as Michigan plays in East Lansing next week. Sparty beat the crap out of Illinois as Connor Cook had his best game and they won 42-3. He was insanely efficient and only had one turnover. That will be the key to next week’s game, which QB turns it over less. That and who makes their field goals. (Get excited for a 16-13 classic everyone.)

4. Illinois: They are who we thought they were. That Cincy game threw me off for a while but they are as bad as I thought they might be. Don’t worry hoops starts soon. (Also this happened.)

Played well

Played well

5. Minnesota: GOPHERS! VOSE! They got their signature win under Jerry Kill (even tho he was in the box) and are going off to another bowl. While they aren’t sexy (they line up in the Maryland I, which is sexy in its own weird way) they can run the ball and have a bunch of TEs to throw to. They are following the Wisconsin/Iowa blueprint which can make them relevant again. Just boring to watch.

6. Nebraska: Bo Pelini hot seat is cranked up and rightfully so, their run defense was horrible. They can still win the division but it is tough to see that happening after watching that performance yesterday.

7. Iowa: Lots of zone stretch and play action passes to the TE. This is for sure Ferentz’s favorite team he has ever coached.

8. Northwestern: Woof. 0-4 in the B1G and is entering the dangerous territory of not even making a bowl. Need to win this week in Lincoln.

9. Rutgers & Maryland: Lost again.

10. Michigan: Enters their brutal November stretch that begins with Sparty. A loss this week and any hope of winning the division become slim. Also Michigan must try to keep both their rivals Sparty and OSU from going unbeaten in B1G play. Horray.


1. Bama and FSU dominate from the start: I kept switching back and forth as they each scored touchdowns in the first quarter. Winston continues to show how legit he is but I think the FSU defense is the real story.

2. The U at FSU, will it be a game?’: Anyone who has watched Miami realizes this is not a vintage U squad despite them being unbeaten. FSU opened as a 21 point favorite for next Saturday’s game in Tallahassee. I hope we get a game but I have my doubts.

3. Oregon dominated the 2nd half: After a sluggish 1st half and having trouble with Brett Hundley, the Ducks did their thing and outscored UCLA 28-0. The best player for the Ducks was backup RB Byron Marshall meaning that Oregon is the new Denver Broncos in that whoever is carrying the ball for them will get yards. The Ducks now have a week off before a Thursday showdown with Stanford. That will be their defining game.

Plug in and puts up stats

Plug in and puts up stats

4. The Mannion train ran into Stanford: The Stanford D shut down the Beavers and won in a 20-12 slugfest. I stayed up late hoping to see a shootout but we got a vintage Cardinal perfornce including a goal line stand at the end of the game. They also have the week off prior to Oregon. Get the hype train rolling.

5. ASU leads the Pac 12 South: Just thought you should know.

6. Florida plays UGA next week, will anyone watch?: I assume there will be 10 season ending injuries in this game.

7. Manziel> Smart people: Manziel threw for 4 TDs and did not look injured at all. While he clearly trails Winston and Mariota in the Heisman race he still has the LSU and Mizzou games to make up ground.

10. T Tech and Kliff lost a game: They actually played pretty damn well in an exciting game against OU. The final was 38-30 and Kliff had his frosh QB playing well and took chances like an onsides kick. Blake Bell finished the game strong and kept OU in the Big 12 race.

11. BAYLOR WATCH: Ho hum, 59 points and 743 yards against Charlie Weis and the boys. They now have a week off before they host OU on Thursday Nov 7th. Yes that is the same day Oregon plays Stanford, clear your schedules people.

12. Texas won, Mack is not dead yet: In a weird game that was delayed three hours the Horns won and remain unbeaten in conference play. They get Kansas next.

13. Clemson tried to Clemson but Maryland said No: Clemson struggled versus Maryland before pulling away. They still can win ten plus games.

14. Duke beat Va Tech: Duke is bowl eligible two years in a row and they were eligible before Nebraska, USC and Texas. You can see why those schools might make coaching changes. (Also Va Tech still controls its own destiny to win the division. Not a good look losing to to Duke though.)

15. Tommy Rees threw 5 TDs and No Ints: Yes you read that correctly. Granted it was against Air Force but still.

16. Heisman Watch

1) Jameis Winston: Will get another primetime game to show off his skills

2) Marcus Mariota: Not his best game but the Stanford game is the key

3) Johnny Manziel: Gets to play UTEP and put up some stats this week

4) AJ McCarron: The most Bama player ever. Wins and is boring.

17. BCS Projections

Nati: Oregon vs Bama

Rose: OSU vs Stanford

Fiesta: Baylor vs Fresno State

Sugar: Missouri vs Wisconsin

Orange: FSU vs Louisville

Look ahead

330pm: Michigan at MSU

7pm: Oklahoma State at Texas Tech

8pm: Miami at FSU


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