Hey Buckeye Fans – Week 1’s Sobering & Drunken Fun

dm_130831_ncf_ohiostate_buffalo_highlightWell it’s official, America’s football cherry has been popped and there is no more anticipation about getting college football season underway. All of the “firsts of the season” took place, some good, some not so good. Either way all Ohio State fans have been stuck in a phase that I call “drunken fandom”. Drunken fandom is the best way to be as a fan as life is good and nothing is wrong. However the pitfall of being so intoxicated with your team’s success is the emotional high to low that can happen if certain notions are not addressed on where things can go wrong.

While there is no need to be worried about San Diego State or about the season as a whole at this point, here are a few reasons for OSU fans should sober up & a few reasons why they should embrace their inner drunken fan for the 2013 Ohio State Buckeyes:

Let’s raise your awareness & sober you up before you kick back and enjoy yourself…

Potentially Sobering Traps Exposed in Week 1

Focus for four quarters

Who else had tight sphincter’s when Khalil Mack sacked Braxton and Buffalo recovered the fumble on our one yard line? Yeah me too.

The game was never really in doubt short of the 10 seconds between Buffalo’s recovery and personal foul penalty.That said, all of Buckeye nation saw the obvious lapses in focus during week one. We got all of the breaks last year in these key situations, but they could have very well gone a different direction. If the team just assumes it’s going to work out for them this year then focus for 48 minutes could be a very hazardous detail as early as week 3 at Cal and definitely as soon as week 5 when the Badgers come to town.

Training staff

The star of your offense & the star of your defense miss significant time in week one because of cramping (while the Buffalo players didn’t miss a snap I must add). We can’t have Braxton, Shazier or any other key influencer on every down miss time in a crucial game because you don’t know Hydration 101!

Be better training staff…be better.  Braxton Cramping

Braxton’s Performance

I had my “Braxton for Heisman” article drafted by 11:45am CST on Saturday morning. Too bad for you as the world won’t see it this week. After the first quarter ‘Brax on Brax on Brax’ barely made a dent on the rest of the game. A momentum killing pick six, sitting out significant time, and not putting the game away while in are flaws that no one wants to talk about today. Heisman voters, fans & teammates don’t have time for that Braxton. You need to be perfect all year for us to be.

Dontre Wilson’s Big Freshman Mistake

Look, we get it…hyped up freshman needs to make a rookie mistake on week one. I don’t care, Urban doesn’t care and I don’t think anyone else really is looking too deep into that fumble…right now at least. However this could be a potentially bigger issue if Dontre has a tendency to put the ball on the turf and only two things will happen this season if fumbling as simple as it appeared as he did happens consistently: 1) He won’t be playing at all this year OR 2) He’ll have a season defining turnover that will cost the Bucks big time.

Just don’t let fumbling be a problem Dontre because Buckeye Nation wants you to be that guy…

Youth of the Front Seven

Adolphus, Noah Spence & Joey Bosa all had some nice time on the field week one. Unfortunately my gut tells me that our defense is going to take quite a few steps back from last year with inexperience in the front seven. The 2012 defensive line was the strongest unit of the team last year. This year, as expected, they looked much more inexperienced. Either one of two things will happen this year with this unit: 1) It’s going to be the shining star that wasn’t expected 2) They are going to dominated at the point of attack allowing opposing offenses to control the tempo of the game. While OSU can settle for somewhere between these two, it’s something every fan should keep an eye on.

Bri’onte Dunn

Who remembers when I said that Bri’onte wouldn’t be a bust in my preseason Buckeye points? Yeah if you can’t get carries in week one without Carlos Hyde against Buffalo, that means that you aren’t doing anything to warrant garbage time carries and that’s a problem. If Bri’onte can’t get on the field in non-conference, he’ll be a total non-factor this year.

Kick Back, Relax and Throw a Few Ice Cold Doses Of These Guys Back

Jordan Hall

Last year I was Hall’s biggest hater because of how inefficient the offense was with him in it. I will gladly retract all sentiment towards J Hall if he stays healthy and produces like he did vs. Buffalo. Hall appeared to have gotten faster, hitting the hole with furoisity & tremendous vision. His 49 yard TD run was very sweet, albeit extremely simple, as was his ability to quickly find the hole on the swinging gate, two point conversion. Did Buffalo even have safeties in on that play? Buckeye fans should expect more of the same with those runs as defense’s game plan for the extremely dangerous read option with Braxton in the backfield. Hall adds the David Lighty “grown ass man” factor this year which I am a big fan of.

Dontre Wilson Dontre Wilson Buffalo

It’s not fair to criticize this guy in the above section without giving him reassuring praise later in the article. Short of the fumble, Wilson was just as good as advertised. How sweet would it have been for the freshman to have housed his first play from scrimmage? Talk about setting a tone. He was an arm tackle away from a 70 yard TD run. He will be an outstanding player for the Buckeyes if he can reassure that the occasional fumble is not a concern for his.

Bradley Roby Coming Back

Another 6 Rings writer (Evan Marshall) woke me up via text on Labor Day just to tell me that Armani Reeves sucks. Evan can channel his inner “Screaming A. Smith” from time to time, but one thing he does have right is the Bucks need to get Bradley Roby back A.S.A.P. It was obvious that it was a part of Buffalo’s game plan to exploit the young Reeves and they succeeded. Every pass (Joe) Lucita threw was a consistent & easy eight yard out/comeback right on Reeves side. This type of consistent ball movement will come back to bite the Bucks badly if maintained all season. Good thing is that Roby won’t allow that noise and will show Big 10 Coaches, Fans & opposing WR’s that he’s the best DB in the conference.

Braxton’s 1st Quarter

10-11, two TD’s to start the season!! Lord have mercy Braxton!

He looked as smooth and comfortable as you can get in the first quarter. Despite the national media frenzies and tendencies to jump on & off Heisman candidates like they are Ali Larter in Varsity Blues, Braxton demonstrated improved ability that should keep him in the Heisman race all year. How bout some more duplication of your 1st quarter eh ya Braxton?

(p.s. if you are a national media personality and you’ve taken him off of your Heisman ballot already, you mine as well turn in your resignation now).

Devin Smith’s Deep Play Ability

Go ahead and put your head on the “Devin Smith Deep Ball” pillow because that’s going to be a soft pillow to sleep on all year. Just like he did in the Michigan State game last year, Devin is a game changer with unbelievable speed. All can never be lost at any point when Devin channels his inner Wiley Coyote and blow by DBs everywhere for six.

Last Call: Make Sure You Use Extra Protection & Practicing Safe Quarterbacking

Kenny Guitton III (KGIII)

No backup QB is worth making huge noise about, but KGIII solidified any notion of mine that he can’t get the job done. KGIII is about as versatile and clutch of any backup QB in the nation. In every crucial moment he’s had as an OSU football player he’s come through in the clutch. When KGIII is involved, it’s going to be a positive play and that was the case on Saturday with his TD pass to Chris Fields, putting the game away, and his two point conversion on the swinging gate.


Storylines Most Important For Week 2

  • Roby’s Return
  • Braxton’s four Quarters
  • Which young star will shine next?

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