Random Football Friday: 2011 LSU vs Oregon

We are back with RFF and I dialed up the Cowboy Classic from two years ago. I search for different season openers but found this one to have the best highlights. I refuse to link any highlight that includes music over it. (You are not making it better but cutting out Musburger or Nessler and adding Eminem.)

Who and When: #4 LSU vs #3 Oregon, Sept 3, 2011 Cowboy Stadium 8pm

Announcers: Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit

jleeThe Situation: #3 Oregon was coming of a National Title appearance and a majority of the the offense was returning. #4 LSU had some offseason drama as QB Jordan Jefferson was suspended for the majority of the season and this was just the beginning of their brutal schedule. (I spent the majority of the offseason playing this song.)

The Players: You know most of these guys

LSU: QB Jarrett Lee (woof), RB Spencer Ware, WR Rueben Randle, OL T-Bob Hebert (!), DL Barkevious Mingo, DB Mo Claiborne, DB Eric Reid, The Honeybadger

Oregon: QB Darron Thomas (Still weird he left early), RB LaMichael James, Slot De’anthony Thomas, DL Dion Jordan

Where Was I: I was in Chicago so naturally we were out at the bar for the first weekend of the season. After watching Hoke’s rain soaked first win we made our way to the Crossing for the night games. It was also engagement weekend with two big ones. (Of course I have a Buckeye in the family as a result.)

The Game: Here is the full game


:10: I hope everyone is okay from the flood


1:43: FUMBLE. Sets up Oregon for a field goal. 6-3 Ducks

2:50: Honeybadger doing Honeybadger things. 9-6 LSU 14:46 2Q

4:30: LaMichael TD 13-9 Oregon 5:30 2Q

5:35: TD Rueben Randle just before half. 16-13 LSU

6:35: FUMBLE by the Black Mamba. Rough start for the kid, I think he will be okay.

7:00: LSU’s random toss play sighting. They ran that all year and still have no idea why they don’t just hand it off. I look forward to Cam Cameron topping that this year

7:15: Michael Ford TD 23-13 LSU 6:23 3Q

7:45: FUMBLE by Black Mamba again. Yuck

8:40: Ware TD 30-13 LSU 3:03 3Q

9:50: Failed 4th down attempt for Oregon seals their fate

10:35: Ford TD 40-20 LSU 2:52 4Q. Musburger quote: “Frosting for the Tigas”

Final: LSU 40 Oregon 27

Fallout from the game: LSU would go on to play 6 more ranked teams and went unbeaten in the regular season including a win in Tuscaloosa. They would have to play Bama again the title game and lost 21-0 in that snoozer of a title game.

Oregon was able to get back in the title picture with a big win over Stanford 53-30 on the Farm. They would drop back out of the picture the following week with a loss to USC at home 38-35. They were still able to win the Pac 12 and take down Russell Wilson and Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl


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