Super Bowl XLVIII: Only Winners Get Wings



Alright so this is finally the year where I think the two best teams are playing in the Super Bowl. We don’t have to watch Joe Flacco or Eli. We get Peyton and Richard Sherman. The best offense versus the best defense. The best quarterback versus the best cornerback. The biggest shit talkers versus the most humble… A match made in heaven.

What I love about the anticipation for this game is how intellectual the trash talk has been so far. There hasn’t been much, but when it happens it’s like Christmas morning. So often do we hear simply dumb athletes try and get in their opponents head by saying the stupidest things back and forth. But when do we ever get to hear the smartest football players try and disrupt each other?

Richard Sherman was quoted saying, “Peyton’s passes are going to be on time and accurate, but he throws ducks”. This is about the only thing that Sherman can knock Peyton for and it’s a small effort to try and intimidate him before Sunday. Peyton’s response? “Well, I throw a lot of yards and touchdown ducks”.


In the most typical Peyton Manning voice, he beats Sherman at his own game. He basically said, “I’M THE BEST QUARTERBACK IN THE LEAGUE”, but in a more controlled, appropriate way than his buddy Sherm. It’s the Angel v. Demon matchup we’ve always wanted and I love it.

Who is going to be the first company to endorse a Peyton Manning and Richard Sherman commercial? We saw McDonalds release a Flacco and Kaepernick “Lights out” ad, but who the hell cares about those guys? I want this commercial almost as bad as I want to watch the game. I digress.

Match Made in Heaven

Match Made in Heaven

So what should we expect to see on Super Bowl Sunday? 

First, let’s talk about the weather. There has been a lot of talk about how much it will impact the game, but I think it is irrelevant at this point. Both teams have played in bad weather and both teams are filled with players who are the best at their position. I don’t think the weather is going to determine anything.

Peyton Manning: You can expect a great game out of Peyton. People say he chokes in big games, which historically he has not performed at his best when the lights are the brightest. I simply think Peyton is in a “I really don’t care what anybody thinks anymore, I’m just here to do my job so I can go home and have dinner with my family” type of mode. He strictly means business and it really looks like he’s not feeling any pressure.

Bronco Passing Game: The Seattle defense is excellent, but the Broncos have too many weapons at receiver. Sherm can’t guard all of them, even though I know he wish he could. These guys will be the difference, I’m predicting 100+ out of Decker and Welker, but Demaryius will make the game changing play. Only Winners Get Wings.

Beastmode: First off, I hate all the media attention Marshawn is getting for not wanting to speak to reporters. Who cares? He’s going to come out and unleash a whole lot of angry running. I don’t think the Broncos are going to be able to stop him and I expect at least 125 and 2 touchdowns.

Russell: Cool, calm and collected. He’s not going to be at his best, but will make 2-3 plays that are going to keep the Seahawks alive when it is looking ugly. I envision a late game chess match between Peyton and Russ.

Seattle D: Don’t put a sorry receiver on Sherm. Well, they can’t because Denver doesn’t have any. The front 7 will be the difference, but I don’t think the secondary will be able to keep up. Look for them to make a few plays early but to soften up throughout the game when Peyton gets hot.

Prediction: Denver Broncos — 2014 Super Bowl Champs

Overall, this game is a match made in heaven for any football fan. Great offense versus great defense. Two quarterbacks you wouldn’t mind seeing win and a whole lot of anticipation that has been formed through intelligent trash talk. I’m going to enjoy every second of it. We finally have a year where the game means more than the commercials. Cheers.


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