For Those Hating On Richard Sherman

Sherm Getting It

Sherm Getting It

As Charles Barkley would say…Shut Up

Since Richard Sherman gave the world one of the best post-game interviews just under 24 hours ago, it has fired up the masses for better or for worse. The negative reaction from football fans everywhere came to the majority while it appeared the Sherminators (Pro-Sherm Supporters) were stuck defending the boast “heard round the world”.

After spending most of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday genuinely confused to the blacklash on social media and radio, mostly from the morally divine degenerates (aka those who spend all of their time projecting their personal opinions as if they were a beat writer for their favorite team/league or a talking head on the media), I came to two consensus points.

1)      The critics of Sherman have a soft competitive edge but claim moral superiority

2)      Richard Sherman is better than you at life

All of this chatter about how Sherman is “all about himself”, “how unprofessional he is”, “how he puts himself above the team” is just foolish. No critic has any perspective on the type of emotional charge that moment can produce. If you lay it out objectively, the man made the game winning play in the NFC Championship Game to send his team to the Super Bowl. Not only that, he played an amazing game against his publically stated archrival in Michael Crabtree, which so happened to be who the play was against and was asked in his post-game interview nearly 5 actual minutes after the play “take me through what happened on the final play”.

To anyone that doesn’t like what he said, if you don’t like the fire, time to get out of the kitchen because that’s what competitiveness in professional sports is meant to be in its purest form. Professional sports isn’t little league softball designed for your mom. Professional athletes make money to be entertainers of the fans. That is why athletes make so much money and Richard Sherman is currently at the peak of his game.

Sherm giving his old college coach a nice send off with a loss

Sherm giving his old college coach a nice send off with a loss

Naturally I know that most people don’t like trash talkers or at least get rubbed the wrong way, which is understandable. Usually bravado doesn’t match ability. But in Sherman’s case, has both and then some. He can not only talk the talk, but he can walk the walk.

Richard Sherman is the best cornerback in the league and he is better than you and me at life. Sorry, the truth hurts. Here’s a look at what he’s been doing over the last decade:

  • Undergraduate and Master’s Degree from Stanford University in Communications
  • Salutatorian of his High School Class (2nd in class)
  • All-American College Track Star in the triple jump
  • Freshman All-American Wide Receiver at Stanford
  • NFL Defensive Player of the Month (Sept. 2013)
  • Two-time first team NFL All-Pro (2012, 2013)
  • NFL Interceptions Leader (2013)
  • 2013 Pro Bowl
  • NFC Champion
  • Grow up in Compton, California

When I drew the comparison to myself and the Sherm I fell short in a few areas. Mainly athletic accolades, educational accolades, athletic abilities, bank account, you know just a few small, non-important areas. But I am not offended by my own judgment because it’s true currently.

However, I don’t think that he was meaning to offend anyone with his bravado last night, but rather I think he was looking into the camera and saying “come on America, I dare you to try and beat me” and I loved every second of it.

In case this little rant wasn’t sufficient enough to change your opinion, here are some awesome Sherman media links for your viewing pleasure:

Richard Sherman Interjects on Stanford Valentine’s Tradition (MUST READ)

Richard Sherman’s Greatest Postgame Interview Ever

Richard Sherman Is Better ‘At Life’ Than Skip Bayless


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