CFB Monday Hangover: Nati Preview, Bowl Review

Morning. I assume you are currently frozen from your commute to work or class and everyone around you is talking about how cold the weather is. Tell them to stop and save that for tomorrow. For tonight is the last night of college football for eight months and we must embrace it to our bosom for it shall soon be gone and we will have to walk through the streets of January cold and alone.



Tonight we not only say goodbye to the college football season but the BCS as well. For the majority of its existence the BCS has done one thing really well, generated talk. People would talk about how it was at crowning a champion and how no one really understood the computer part of it or how certain teams could be ranked ahead of one another. Like a beautiful woman that’s had too much surgery it was confusing and yet we couldn’t look away from it.

Well now after 15 years of talk it is finally over and I suspect you will see it mentioned many times in the next day or two about how much we might miss that plastic BCS. I will have both positive and negative memories about the BCS but the one thing it did do well was take a regional sport and make it national. It has help make college football only second to the NFL in terms of popularity and will only grow as the playoff generates even more buzz. (Downside is it set of realignment which was okay in some instances but the majority of the time is stupid. Michigan will host Maryland next year for senior day, thanks BCS.)

For tonight though I think everyone will enjoy the BCS’s swan song. These two teams are considered the top two teams. One, FSU, is considered the best because of their dominance and their Heisman winning QB. The other, Auburn, has had more miraculous moments than one thought possible for one team. Either way they got here I expect quite the game tonight.

The key matchup for me will be can FSU slow down Auburn’s rushing attack? If they do then this will be a wash and FSU will win its third national title. Problem for the Seminoles is no one, not even Bama, has been able to slow down Auburn. And the longer the game goes and remains close the more faith the Tigers will have since they have been in those situations before.

I have a tough time picking this game because I put both Malzhan and Winston in the same category of they have that special it factor and I won’t be surprised if either one does something great tonight. Preferably both are awesome and the game just lasts until next August.

Either way, heat up some soup and enjoy the game…

Michigan stuff: lets get this over with

"So I just threw it as hard as I could"

“So I just threw it as hard as I could”

1. Michigan got clobbered, the defense and run game were embarrassing: I stayed up till 1am just to watch the 2013 Michigan season die and it was painful as the rest of the season. KSU carved up Michigan’s secondary and I guess that is what happens when you play in the B1G and you play a real offense for only the 2nd time all year.

2. Shane Morris can throw hard: He fires everything a million miles an hour which is expect for a Frosh. It was good to see he had the talent we heard about. I don’t think he will pass Devin but its nice that we have some solid depth.

3. There will be staff changes: Not sure when but Dave Brandon moves slow on this but in no way can that be acceptable. The run game needs to be fixed and that will probably cost Funk his job, not sure on Borges though.

4. Its over: Thank God


1. Sparty: MSU carried the B1G banner with a big win over Stanford. After falling behind 10-0 MSU dominated the game and other than some questionable Connor Cook moments they played great. Fitting that they won on a defensive stand given their dominant unit all year. They will head into next season as the favorite to win the B1G and are a National Title contender. It will be interesting to see how Dantonio coaches when there is much expected of his team. (Also MSU plays in Eugene against the Ducks in September. Never too early to start looking ahead.)

Note: Don't run at Sparty

Note: Don’t run at Sparty

2. OSU: Lost a back and forth heartbreaker to Clemson. Clemson tried to Clemson there at the end but OSU was like, no way, we are going to be the ones Clemsoning tonight. The Buckeyes of 6 Rings have more on the game but not a fun way to end the season for OSU. Good news is Braxton will be back so they have that going for them.

3. Nebraska: Way to go Bo! The Cornhuskers won and went 9-4 under Pelini because of course the did. Nebraska got the only other win for the B1G as they beat UGA which is nice.

4. Iowa/Wisconsin: Each lost a NYD bowl game in Florida to SEC team. Not much to differentiate from here. One of these wins would have been nice for the conference but wouldn’t have been earth shattering news. Both would have made some noise. Moot point now

5. Minnesota: Got the B1G bowl season off on the wrong foot with a loss to Syracuse. Still a good season for the Gophers though who will be a darkhorse in the West division next year.

6. Rutgers and Maryland: Both lost in bowl games which makes them official members of the B1G now.


1. BCS upsets: All four BCS games have been won by the underdogs which would make five for five if Auburn wins tonight. The majority of bowl season was rather boring other than the New Mexico Bowl until the BCS games. (Guys maybe we shouldn’t get rid of the BCS)

2. Oklahoma: I missed this game because I was sick and needed to go to bed so when I woke up and saw the score I was a bit stunned. I just assumed that OU would get rolled but they found a QB in Knight and their defense forced turnovers. Maybe Bama should have let Saban walk to Texas. (Jokes)

3. Texas hires Charlie Strong: Not sure how to feel on this one. I think Strong is a great coach but he doesn’t seem like a dynamic personality that it takes to fill all of that Longhorn network programming. I am most interested to see who his OC is because I want to see if he goes up tempo spread like the rest of the Big 12.

I will miss you

I will miss you

4. BOB leaves PSU, Golden not going to Happy Valley: It was only a matter of time before O’Brien took an NFL job. I think he liked college but PSU is one of those places where you must genuflect to the past at all times. (Cough, Michigan too) I expect PSU to hire one of their own so no one is worried about him leaving.

5. Best non BCS Bowl: New Mexico Bowl: It was the first one when CSU beat Wazzu as the Cougs Couged it because of course they did.

6. I will miss you Tommy Rees: The ND offense has playmakers all over the place and will get Golson back which means their offense will be sweet. This is not good for Michigan. Can it be 2015 yet?

7. Texas Tech and Kliff: The biggest upset of the bowl season according to Vegas was the Red Raiders over the Sun Devils which was super surprising.

8. Goodbye Johnny Football, you were but a dream: Fun story which shows how un-adult I am. I missed this game due to a NYE event. I turned off my phone at halftime when the Aggies were down and assumed they lost. The next morning I was with friends and we found out one of our other friends had her baby and everyone was excited. I then saw that A&M had won and got excited all over again. No one seemed to join me with the new of the Aggies come back. To each their own I guess.

9. Goodbye Mack Brown: Oregon beat Texas and Mack was a good dude but he only won the Big 12 twice in 16 years. He also wiffed on RGIII, Manziel and Winston. There is a reason he isn’t the coach at Texas anymore. We will always have that one National Title game with Vince tho. That was special.

10. Baylor lost, does anything matter anymore?: Baylor got Bortled.

11. Both Hundley and Mora staying at UCLA: A big time shift in football in LA

That is all I have for the season. It was fun entertaining those that read. I will do some 2014 look aheads but mainly I will shift to hockey with the NHL and Olympics heating up.


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