CFB Drinking Schedule: Championship Week

The regular season is almost over. It always goes way too fast. Like a cute girl walking the other way down the street. It was fun for those two seconds you locked eyes. Then she was gone.

But before we hunker down for winter and bowl season we have Championship weekend. This was a lot more fun the past few years when the Pac 12 had their game on Friday night. They have since moved theirs to Saturday and now it will get lost in the shuffle.

"I am an agent of chaos"

“I am an agent of chaos”

No matter as we shall enjoy our final Saturday with structure in our lives before everything becomes an unorganized haze of Christmas Carols and the Belk Bowl. (I really with Belk had something to do with food and not clothes. People frown when you try and deep fry corduroys you order on Cyber Monday.) (That was a joke, you think I would order corduroys? More of a khaki man myself))

The only good part about the season ending will be the end of talk about different “scenarios” of what will happen if X team beats Y. Or comparing two teams that are ranked next to each other despite the fact they have games left to play. First it was Oregon and FSU. Then it was FSU and OSU. Now it’s OSU and Auburn. Lets see these teams finish their games before we get up in arms about someone being screwed.

The Buckeyes have a battle against the best defense in the B1G and maybe the country. Under Dantonio the Spartans seem to play better when they are the underdog and they feel slighted. Listening to all of the Ohio kids on MSU’s roster talk I think it is clear it is being brought up in East Lansing. For OSU this is their first game against a top ten opponent under Urban Meyer. Win here and assuming the voters don’t go haywire and his team is playing for a National Title. Big stakes.

In Atlanta Missouri and Auburn will face off in the most unlikely SEC title game in recent memory. These teams combined to go 2-14 in the league last year and each still has an outside shot at the National title if the Buckeyes fall. Auburn is your (insert team of destiny) with two of the most absurd victories in a row. I fully expect them to score on some crazy safety that no one has ever thought possible. Missouri seems to be the forgotten team, mainly because it was dismissed since entering the SEC last year but also because they don’t have the “magic” behind them. Either way we will know the winner of the SEC by the time the B1G title game kicks off which means TV cameras will be in one teams locker room as they cheer on Sparta.

Also Duke is in the ACC title game which is still weird to even think. They could throw the ultimate wrench in everything which, wow, no words if that happens. Lets jump in the deep end shall we…

Thursday Schedule

730pm Louisville at Cincinnati ESPN: Sneaky big game right here as the Cardinals say goodbye to the Zombie Big East. Cincy meanwhile has quietly put together a good season (I can’t say great since they got smacked by Illinois) and still has an outside shot at the BCS. Better watch this over the NFL game.

830pm Texans at Jaguars NFLN: Yuck. Battle for the first pick I guess

Going to NYC Everyone

Going to NYC Everyone

Friday Schedule

8pm #MACtionship Bowling Green vs Northern Illinois ESPN2: Nothing to see here other than a BCS berth for the Huskies and Jordan Lynch’s Heisman hopes. Should make for a fun Friday.

Flip the channel: Ducks at Blackhawks NHLN: A little hockey won’t kill you. Come watch two of the best teams in the league during breaks. Soon it will be hockey time.

Saturday Morning/Day/Night Schedule

9am College Gameday from Indianapolis: Kind of surprised ESPN went with a game they aren’t covering. Still, this game holds all the cards.

Noon Oklahoma at Oklahoma State ABC: The Pokes are a horrible loss to WVU away from being in the title discussion. Instead they will just have to make due with another win over their rival and trip back to the Fiesta Bowl.

Flip the channel UCF at SMU ESPN: UCF can wrap up the last Big East at large bid ever.

Conference USA Title game: Marshall at Rice ESPN2: I had no idea either of these teams were in Conference USA. Like at all.

330pm Texas at Baylor FOX: Baylor still has a shot to split the Big 12 title and get to a BCS bowl. This is it boys. Take down Mack.

4pm SEC Title Game Auburn vs Missouri CBS: Not sure what Gary Danielson is going to do here. Two spread teams and there is no Alabama? The Horror.



745pm Pac 12 Title Game Stanford at ASU ESPN: The winner will take on Sparty in the Rose Bowl. Would be a huge win for ASU who hasn’t been to Pasadena since 1996.

8pm B1G Title game MSU vs OSU FOX: Gus Johnson will be calling the game so things could get weird. Also the earth might end when Hyde runs into the Spartan defense.

Flip the channel: ACC Title Game FSU vs Duke ABC: Just make sure to check here every once in a while to see if things are close.

10pm Mountain West Title Game CBS Utah St at Fresno St: The final game of the regular season. Make sure to pour one out at the bar.

Sunday Funday Schedule

1pm Colts at Bengals/ Lions at Eagles: Battle for the 3 seed in both leagues

4pm Seahawks at 49ers FOX: Not in Seattle so it could be a game

830pm Panthers at Saints NBC: Inside track to the 2 seed and a bye on the line

Monday Funday Schedule

830pm Cowboys at Bears: One fanbase gets to be delusional for another week

Enjoy it while it lasts and I enjoyed helping you get drunk in the proper manner this fall


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