The Game: My Emotions 140 Characters or Less


I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t been more hyped up for a football game than I was for The Game yesterday. I’d also be lying if I said that I knew it was going to be that close and that it would come down to a 2-pt conversion to determine the outcome. Finally, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t s**t myself 10 times over inbetween the last touchdown and the game-ending interception. That game had so many twists and turns that one summary simply won’t cover the entirety of my emotions. Here are what my tweets would have looked like throughout the game…

1st Quarter

0-0 @MackWatts4: Offense gets shut down first drive of the game? Emotional environment

0-7 @MackWatts4: So that looked too easy? Does this defense not know how to defend a bubble screen? #Gallon

7-7 @MackWatts4: Devin Smith is pure speed, unreal catch for the touchdown. Good response by #Braxton and the offense

14-14 @MackWatts4: Are we playing Madden? Team who can come up with a string of stops will win this game

2nd Quarter 

14-21 @MackWatts4: Luke Fickell available for hire, 2014

14-21 @MackWatts4: Put somebody in Maize and Blue in front of me, I dare you. SOMEBODY HIT SOMEBODY (Jackie Moon voice)

21-21 @MackWatts4: Brax on Brax on Brax

3rd Quarter

35-21 @MackWatts4: Let the big dog eat! Impressive response by #Bucks *Takes Deep Breath*

4th Quarter

35-28 @MackWatts4: Can’t hate on Hyde for that fumble, defense’s time to change this game. Roby INT?

35-35 @MackWatts4: F**k

42-35 @MackWatts4: ONE TIME DEFENSE! PLEASE!

42-41 @MackWatts4: Live to see another day… wait, is Hoke serious with the 2-pt call? Let’s see after the timeout…

42-41 @MackWatts4: I can’t watch, I can’t watch, I’m going to throw up, somebody help me. Never been so nervous in my life

42-41 @MackWatts4: Holy Santa Claus Sh*t *Cries tears of relief* #PassTheFireball


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