Hoops 411: Early Season Checkpoints in Basketball Realm


What’s up basketball fans? I’m here to bring you a quick recap of basketball thus far in America. Although we’re only 10 games into the NBA season, 5 into college and zero into high school, there are things that need to be pointed out. There are star-struck teams finding early season struggles, big name players in the midst of early woes and BIG high school recruits making some noise in media. Let’s dive into what’s going on.

4 NBA Teams Playing Against Early Odds

76ers: Michael Carter-Williams has been leading a team to 4th place in the East after previously being put in my Andrew Wiggins Lottery Watch

Bobcats: Bulls Fans=Happy. C’Mon MJ, that top 10 protected pick of yours is flirting with us. Keep winning. 5 wins a good start for this crew.

Magic: 4-6, yes. But I predicted just 15 wins for this team. @VicIWillFlyForIU playing really well, proving his worth. Can they keep putting up W’s?

Trailblazers: ROY Dame Lillard is a Mon-star. The duo of Lillard and Aldridge has the Blazers at 9-2, 2nd best in the West. Surprised? Not really.

4 NBA Teams Suckin’ Wind

Nets: Hall of Famer and new teammate Paul Pierce says “We’re Angry”. 3-7 not the start this star-ridden team wants. New team, new coach, Hall of Fame players, this won’t last long.

Knicks: Maybe Shaq was right keeping Knicks out of the playoffs? No, they’re struggles will not last. BUT, this team is not built for a championship now. Trades looming?

Nuggets: We put them at 45 wins this season, right now they’re at 4-7. Denver seems to always catch a stride, though.

Bulls: Yes, I did that. Is it because I’m waiting for the Bulls to be dominate? Yeah, kind of. But, Rose has been rusty and this bench is much weaker than in years past. Another team I can see making moves.

Most Impressive College Basketball Teams 

Spartans: First time Sparty has been atop the rankings since 2001. Team is impressive and has all the intangibles to stay #1.

Kansas: A lot of talent around Wiggins. Let’s see how they grow in non-conference play.

Team to Make Note of Now

Arizona Wildcats: Aaron Gordon is the real deal. He seems to be leading Zona back to the promise land fast. Matchup with Michigan coming up in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

Names to Get Familiar With

Jabari Parker: The more I watch him play, the more I remember why he used to have the “LeBron Spotlight”

Marcus Smart: Had a career night last night against Memphis. Kevin Durant points out obvious, saying “He is NBA ready, now”. Thanks Kev, we all knew that. Don’t know it? Watch him play a game. He does it all.

Recruiting News

Duke Wins BIG: 7 Footer Jahlil Okafor and #1 point guard Tyus Jones committed to the Blue Devils last weekend. 6 Rings was there live covering the much anticipated decision.

Illinois…Psych!: Top recruit Cliff Alexander fakes out Illini Fans in route to choosing to attend Kansas University next year. I loved it. Illinois can suck a fat one. Jayhawks are winners yet again.




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