CFB Monday Hangover: Week Twelve

Sometimes it is just your year. Proof of that took place in Auburn, Alabama Saturday night around 7pm. The Tigers beat UGA on a miracle play that will get put on the hail mary montage for years to come.AP APTOPIX Georgia Auburn Football

Auburn had dominated most of the game and was up big in the 4th Q before Aaron Murray and the Dawgs lead a comeback and took the lead 38-37. While they would still need help to make the SEC title game this would have been a good win for UGA considering all of their injuries.

Instead Auburn is somehow now 10-1 and will host Alabama in two weeks for the SEC West title. Again, sometimes the storylines just seem to align in some schools favor, while others have to just take it on the chin.

Speaking of taking it on the chin…

Michigan thoughts

1. Michigan stunned NW again: Last year Michigan went to OT with Northwestern with a miracle pass to Roy Roundtree. This time around they sent it to OT with a chaotic Brendan Gibbons field goal as the clock was running out. Michigan would end up winning 27-19 in 3 overtimes. Like just about every other Michigan win this year it wasn’t pretty but they got it done and somehow will finish with a winning season regardless of what happens the rest of the way.

2. Michigan was 3 of 17 on 3rd down: At one point they were 0 for 13. Michigan couldn’t extend drives as Gardner got sacked a bunch and should have had at least one INT but somehow didn’t. Borges didn’t help with his play calls. No need to bitch more about him. Rinse and repeat everything else that has been said.

3. Green and Smith: 27 carries, 120 yards, 4.4 ypc: Those are like real running back numbers. Fitz got benched and the two freshman actually looked pretty good at times as Michigan had something of a run game. This gives some hope for next year as they both looked as they were advertised when they were recruited. Granted NW doesn’t have a great run D but still.

4. The 4th down call, they knew: It is almost as if NW reads this blog. (Or watches film.) Late in the 4th Q Michigan went for it deep in the Wildcats territory and went with the Gardner boot leg to the right. It got stuffed. RIP Gardner bootleg call working. (I still expect Borges to call in though obviously.)

5. New 98: Gardner had some horrific moments in regulation but in the OTs he put the team on his back and had a nice pass to Jake Butt and then ran in the TD and 2 pointer in the third OT. I think he is dinged up and his confidence is shot but hopefully this win gives some life back to his game.

6. I am going to miss Jeremy Gallon: He kept dropping the ball but I will miss him

"That is how we drew it up"

“That is how we drew it up”

7. Defense played well: Did a good job against NW’s rushing attack and avoided giving up any big plays and actually sacked the QB a few times. Encouraging signs for next year when the majority of the defense will be back.

8. Two games left: At Iowa this week which doesn’t sound good for Michigan. They struggle on the road and Iowa has a good front seven. I am not expecting a win.


1. Northwestern: I am not sure what the Wildcats did to the football Gods but they are paying for it severely. Two weeks ago they lose on a hail mary and this week they lose on a miracle kick. I feel bad for the guys at Sippin on Purple.

2. MSU: I had a bunch of buddies in for the Lions/Steelers game this weekend we went out Saturday for the games and the place was packed with people in from Detroit. The Spartys enjoyed themselves thoroughly as they forced five turnovers and all but wrapped up a trip to Indy.

3. Nebraska: Ran for 200 plus yards on Sparty’s defense which must intrigue the Buckeyes. If MSU can’t stop Hyde then they won’t stand a chance.

4. OSU: Put up 60 points but also gave up 35 and lost ground to Baylor.(!!!) Might put up 95 points this week on Indiana.

5. Illinois/Purdue: Someone will get a win this week. Either that or they may cancel football because of this game.

6. Wisconsin: 554 rushing yards is good.

7. Indiana: Only scored 3 points. That was actually the most surprising thing to me about that game.

8. PSU: Didn’t lose to Purdue so for the first time in a month I didn’t feel worse about our PSU loss.

9. Maryland: Beat Va Tech. Rutgers got smoked by Cincy though.


1. Bama was asleep post LSU: This cost them last year when they played A&M but since they played Miss State it is just a bump in the road. Still two big games left at Auburn and then either Mizzou/Gamecocks in Atlanta. Assuming they beat Auburn

2. FSU now basically just waiting on the legal process: They won big again and the only thing that will keep them from being unbeaten is if Winston get suspended.

3. DUKE FOOTBALL: Pounded Miami 48-30 and now are two wins away from the ACC title game. It is a weird world in which we live.

4. Coach O and USC: The Trojans upset Stanford and are now 5-1 with their new coach. Not sure he will get the full time job or not but some USC players will be pissed if he doesn’t.

Hire this man

Hire this man

5. Baylor Watch hits critical mass: They steamrolled Texas Tech and now face their biggest test at Oklahoma State in prime time. I am actually nervous for next week’s game which is weird.

6. Mack Brown redemption tour crashes and burns: As I suspected the Pokes routed them and now its back to Mack Brown watch. You know who had a good time? Mike Gundy. Man I love coaches dancing.

7. Myles Jack: The UCLA linebacker ran for 4 TDs as the kids legend continues to grow. Big showcase game this week in Pasadena against ASU.

8. Heisman Watch

1) Winston

2) Manziel: LSU and Missouri the next two weeks

3) McCarron

4) Mariota: Has new life

5) Jordan Lynch: Should win for this

9. BCS projections

Nati: FSU vs Bama

Rose: OSU vs Oregon

Orange: Wisconsin vs Clemson

Sugar: Auburn vs UCF

Fiesta: Baylor vs Fresno State

10. Best play of the weekend: UCF’s JJ Worton


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