CFB Drinking Schedule: Week Eleven

The college football Gods have smiled down upon us. We appreciate their generosity for they have given us a Thursday Night of college football unmatched before. There are not one but two top ten matchups. We are cranking week eleven up to eleven.

Baylor hosts one of the most important games in the programs history against perennial Big 12 bully Oklahoma. Two years ago RGIII used this game to help him win a Heisman but that team had no Big 12 or National title aspirations. This Baylor team does and this begins a final stretch of the final five games for the Bears against the best the Big 12 has to offer.

Unleash your party on America Art

Unleash your party on America Art

Out on the Farm Stanford hosts Oregon in a clash of top five teams. Although Stanford already lost they are still in control of their own Pac 12 destiney and have an outside shot at the National Title if things get crazy at the top. These two teams have a history of ruining each other’s National Title hopes. In 2010 and 2011 Oregon blasted Stanford and kept them out of the running and last year Stanford upset the Ducks in Eugene, giving them their only loss of the year.

The only weird thing is that both Baylor and Oregon are double digit favorites. The theme of this year is the teams at the top of the conference have yet to be tested. Add Bama into that mix this Saturday against LSU and we will either get some movement at the top or it will be a clear top five (Bama, FSU, Oregon, OSU and Baylor) and everyone will clamor to have the playoffs be instituted this year.

Either way I hope you head out with friends after work on Thursday and enjoy the gift we have been given…

Thursday Schedule

730pm Oklahoma at Baylor FS1: Is this the first big sporting event for FS1? What else are they going to have on here moving forward? I feel like they will have some solid college hoops on.

830 Redskins at Minnesota NFLN: I assume RGIII and Adrian Peterson will be sitting out the game in order to watch Baylor/OU.

9pm Oregon at Stanford 9pm: Read Smartfootball’s breakdown of how Stanford beat Oregon last year. I do not think it will happen again but at least you will have some understanding if it does.

Friday Schedule

730pm Louisville at UConn ESPN2: UConn is 0-7. My God that should have been enough of a sign that Michigan isn’t any good.

Saturday Morning/Day/Night Schedule

9am College Gameday from Tuscaloosa: I expect Saban to show up and suck all the fun out of it just because he can.

Noon Auburn at Tennessee ESPN: Uncle Gus and Auburn still have a shot to show up against Bama 10-1. Win here and then UGA at home and the Malzahn has 2 weeks to get ready for Saban.

Flip the channel FSU at Wake Forest ABC: FSU letdown alert. Also Winston apparently has bad vision which seems to be a bad thing for a QB. Or any football player really.

Kingsbury Watch: K State at Texas Tech ESPN3: TTech needs a win after two losses

Gopher Watch: PSU at Minnesota ESPN2: Minnesota has a very good chance to move to 8-2. Yes you read that correctly.

330pm BYU at Wisconsin ESPN: Sneaky big game for the Badgers who host a 6-2 BYU team. Their B1G title hopes are slim but they still have a chance at the BCS.

I will yell in person at this team: Nebraska at Michigan ABC: This is the old, losing fanbase goes insane while the winner holds out for another week.

Manziel Watch: Miss St at A&M CBS: CBS wets the appetite for LSU/Bama by playing something completely different beforehand. I still think Manziel has a Heisman shot even though everyone hates him.

7pm Houston at UCF ESPN2: This is actually a big game. Don’t mock me for putting it on here. UCF controls their own BCS fate and Houston is unbeaten in the Zombie Big East so they do as well.

Flip the channel: Va Tech at Miami ESPN: Miami can go a long way to winning the division and securing a rematch with FSU. Va Tech still has a chance at the division with a win but it is doubtful with how Logan Thomas is playing. Apparently Thomas thinks he is good though.

Don't be boring

Don’t be boring

Mack Brown Redemption Tour: Texas at WVU FOX: Texas is still alive and must go into Morgantown. WVU is all over the map but can for sure win this game.

8pm LSU at Alabama CBS: Not sure LSU has the guns to keep up with Bama this year. Their defense is not as stout as it normally is but they have a functioning QB this time around.

Flip the channel: ND at Pitt ABC: I am just joking

10pm UCLA at Arizona ESPN: Elimination game for the Pac 12 South.

Sunday Funday Schedule

1pm Lions at Bears: Um this is meaningful which is weird

4pm Panthers at 49ers: Cam Newton vs Colin Kapernick.

830pm Cowboys at Saints: I am sure it will be entertaining

Monday Funday Schedule

830pm Miami at Tampa Bay ESPN: Seriously, who is scheduling these games?


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