NBA Preview in 140 Characters or Less: SouthWest Division

Today we bring you the final installment of our shortened twitter version preview of each NBA Division. The division we are discussing today is an interesting one because I received a lot of flack last week for claiming that the Central division was the toughest in the NBA. A lot of our readers voiced their opinion claiming that the SouthWest division was the best given the strength at the top. Thinking about it they do have a point San Antonio and Memphis are proven contenders similar to Chicago and Indianapolis in the Central. Houston made a major acquisition in the off season similar to Detroit and while they both should be good we wont know until the season starts. Now this is where I differ from our readers. I believe that Cleveland and Milwaukee both have a shot at making the playoffs and at least one of them is going too. Where as for Dallas and New Orleans while not bad teams I do not think they are capable of making the playoffs. Although that being said the Western Conference top to bottom is tougher than the Eastern Conference. Anyhow lets get to team breakdowns.

National Basketball Association

SouthWest Division


New Orleans Pelicans

@Its_what_ev: Nawlins is now officially the Pelicans & they marked the name change by trading the #1 pick for jrue holiday like the move, team not so much

@Ju_2x: I love the core of Pelicans…Jrue, Ant, Eric, & Tyreke. Give them some experience and some veteran help, they will definitely pose a threat.

Dallas Mavericks

@Its_what_ev: Im not a fan of this Mavs team they have no identity. I look for a good year out of Dirk but the rest of the team is lacking in all areas.

@Ju_2x: I have mixed feelings on the Mavericks…one of my friends is a Mavs fan and he swears they’re going to the finals…I think not

San Antonio Spurs

@Its_what_ev: Officially back in the elite but im not sure they can make it back to the finals. love the Belinelli pick up for some added bench scoring

@Ju_2x: Will age catch up with the core of the Spurs? Or will Pop continue to have them play at a high level? We will see in 2014.

Houston Rockets

@Its_what_ev: Love this team but & with two of the top 10 players in the league they can compete with the best of them. Worried about their depth down low

@Ju_2x: This division is deeeeeeep, but Houston……there is no problem. Harden on the perimeter, Howard in the paint, watch out Western Conference.


Memphis Grizzlies

@Its_what_ev: with Z-Bo, Conley, & Gasol no one on Beale street is singing the Blues about this team. Added a few bench pieces and going to be a tough out

@Ju_2x: I don’t believe they will be as good as they have been in recent years, need more presence on the wings…no disrespect Tayshaun.


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