Bears vs. Giants 1st Half Recap For Those Who Missed It…

All things considered that first half gets very solid reviews for the Bears. In-case you missed it, here’s a quick summary of who looks what:

Looking Great

  • Cutler aka Ivory looks amazing (per usual). He’s 13-18 with 179 yards, 2 TDs and a QBR of 140. Not only is his whipping in tight passes into small windows, he’s also out running Giant defenders with his feet.
  • Brandon Marshall aka Ebony is in pure beastmode. He looks like a man amongst little boys. He has 65 yards, 2 TDs, sweet green shoes and 8 targets. Brandon needs to play for his cause every game.
  • Brandon Jacobs looks like he went on a cycle because that looks like the Brandon Jacobs of 4 years ago. He is absolutely shredding the Bears weak defensive interior and he is impossible to bring down. Jacobs has 66 all-purpose yards and a TD.
  • Bears Offensive line looks like they are throwing blows out there. First they are giving Jay plenty of time to sit in the pocket and look comfortable. Forte’s running game is still needed to get going but it is showing glimpses by the line.

Looking Awful

  • Robbie Gould vs. Devin Hester were spatting on the sidelines…go figure??? When do these two every come in contact on one play in the game. Robbie does the kicking and Devin does the returning. Unless I’m completely overlooking something, this doesn’t make sense and even if they both are on kickoff, still why are you fighting? Either way if this did go down in a back alley, go Robbie.
  • Eli Manning threw two picks (including a pick six) in his first five passing attempts. Remember when the Bears had two fumbles last week to start the game? Yeah it threw off the entire game…Still, Eli slowly started to settle in however the Bears offense hasn’t given the Giants any room to breath.
  • Bears Timeout usage continues to be awful. Two 1st quarter timeouts, yeah I guess 1st half time outs don’t matter.

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