CFB Monday Hangover- Week Six

BAYLOR! You are damn right I am starting off this weekend’s recap with a shoutout to the Baylor Bears insane offense. If you have not looked at the box score take some time and do so and be in awe of Art Briles and his spread offense of death and rainbows.

Antwan Goodley, Travis Bell


They had 617 yards of offense in the first half! They ended up with 864 total yards and put up over 70 points for the third time this season. They one game they didn’t score 70 they came up one point shy of that mark. Had they not pulled their starters they could have legit put up over 1,000 yards and 100 points on a WVU defense that is pretty good and help shut down Okie St last week. (The best part is Baylor had 4 turnovers and 100 yards in penalties as well. Imagine if they played a mistake free game.)

This summer I jokingly stated to my buddies that Baylor was my dark horse National Title contender and after reading edsbs interview with head coach Art Briles I decided to adopt them as my other team this year. When I did all that I didn’t actually expect them to be doing this and since the Big XII isn’t all that good there is a legit chance they run the table. I am probably getting too far ahead of myself but as I watch the Baylor stats tweeted out while watching OSU/NW I couldn’t help but sit there and giggle to myself like a school girl. (Other people are taking notice as well.)

I know I am not the first or last person to bring this up but if I were Texas I would bring all of their money to Waco and not to Saban and give Briles the reigns at UT. The guy has never coached outside of the state of Texas and may be the most Texas sounding guy I have ever heard. Don’t do it for me Texas, do it for yourselves…

Michigan Recap

1. Michigan was boring and it was awesome: The Michigan game was basically the opposite of Baylor and it was glorious. For the first time in 20 plus games Michigan had no turnovers and was able to put away Minnesota rather easily. They had a vanilla offense that only had Gardner throw it 17 times and very rarely blitzed on defense until the redzone. All in all a success coming off two bad performances.

2. Funchess to WR: They moved him from TE and he was a mismatch all day and had 151 yards and a TD. For anyone that reads MGoBlog’s UFRs knows that Funchess hates to block and it can sometimes hurt the team. So Michigan introduced a wrinkle this week and just put him out with all the WRs and it gave Michigan the size they have been lacking on the outside all year. I know people can be critical of Borges but it is good to know he looks at the tape too and makes adjustments.

Can Catch, Doesn't Block

Can Catch, Doesn’t Block

3. Unbalanced Formations: The other wrinkle Michigan introduced is moving both Lewan and Schofield to the same side and running behind their two best O lineman. This had success as well as it seemed Minnesota defenders wanted no part of it. The run game numbers weren’t great but Fitz had a nice day and Green is starting to work his way into the rotation. Michigan is slowly becoming like Stanford and I hope this happens. (I also have a man crush on David Shaw. I am not sure how many man crushes on coaches are too many but I think I am pushing it.)

4. New 98: Pretty bland game from Devin which was perfect. He had no turnovers and had some accuracy issues but all in all a solid day when he wasn’t asked to do too much.

5. What’s the Dileo?: Another 1 catch performance. Should have had a second catch late in the game but he is short and dropped it. Michigan will need a big game from him soon.

6. No pass rush still: At this point it is clear that there will be no pass rush with the front four. Michigan still needs to blitz to bring pressure and needs Jake Ryan back soon. (Update: Ryan is cleared to practice. Might play at PSU. I bet we don’t see him till MSU)

7. Bend but don’t break: Basically Michigan sits back in 2 high safeties and hopes the other team makes a mistake. They made 2 of them so it worked out.

8. Fearing the worst for Pee Wee: Pipkins got hurt late in the game and I fear an ACL tear. Hopefully it is just a sprain but it didn’t look good. Michigan will need him for MSU and Iowa. (Update: He is done for the year with an ACL tear. Sad)

9. Blake Countess: Blake is coming off an ACL and he has been the D’s best playmaker. He has the most interceptions (4) in a season than a Michigan DB since the 80’s which I found to be a crazy stat given Michigan’s cornerback history.

10. Mike Patrick: He called the game and all I could think about was his Britney Spears comment and it made me want him to bring up Miley Cyrus. He never did. (Tear)

11. Michigan isn’t good but they might be good enough: After five games it is clear this is not an elite team but they play in the B1G so that might be good enough for them to win ten games. A PSU team coming off a horrible loss to Indiana is next so Michigan’s tour of playing not good teams continues.



Is Big and Mean and I Don’t Like It

1. OSU: Carlos Hyde is a beast. No way around it. Braxton was struggling so they put it all on Hyde and he delivered with 3 TD runs. OSU still has some issues in the back half of their defense but for all their issues they are still 18-0 under Urban. And looking at their schedule moving forward it will take a gigantic upset for them not to be 11-0 heading to Ann Arbor.

2. Northwestern: Played a good game and had a chance to win but just couldn’t convert on that 4th down. I know it was close but I didn’t see anything that made it conclusive he got the first down. And trust me I was looking hard.

The Wildcats must now go to Madison and if they don’t win they will be in serious jeopardy of winning the division and getting another shot at the Buckeyes. They would have to make it through a tough November unscathed and still get help.

(Also on the final play that made OSU cover is another reason I am glad I don’t gamble. I just gamble with my emotions.)

3. Indiana: Big win for the Hoosiers as they beat PSU for the first time ever. I did not expect Michigan’s best opponent in the month of October to be Indiana. B1G!

4. PSU: Yikes. No defense of any kind and this made Hackenberg chuck it up 55 times. Not a good scenario to win if your frosh QB is in that situation.

5. Sparty: I watched the first few series of the Sparty/Iowa game and I had to turn it off. MSU had 3 redzone trips and came away with 3 points. They were able to rally after being down at half and now set up a showdown with the Hoosiers this week in East Lansing. (Yes I just typed that. B1G!!!)

6. Iowa: Tough loss for the Hawkeyes as they now begin their brutal stretch of games with only one sure fire win in the bunch. (Purdue) They will have to pull off an upset to get to six wins. (Don’t be Michigan. It probably will be)

7. Minnesota: Jerry Kill had another seizure so he didn’t coach. I am not sure how much longer he sticks around not just because of that but his team reminded me a lot of Danny Hope’s Purdue teams Michigan played the previous two years coming off a bye. Anytime you are compared to Danny Hope that probably isn’t good.

8. Nebraska: I had the Huskers on upset alert against Illinois and they stomped them. Redshirt frosh Tommy Armstrong stepped in for Martinez and did a nice job. Their next 2 opponents are Purdue and Minnesota so they should be be unbeaten come November.

9. Illinois: Going to need help to get to six wins.

10. Maryland: Did the B1G proud by getting clobbered in a big game. They will fit right in.

11. Rutgers: Plays Louisville on Thursday and has a chance to beat the Cardinal and get the upset train rolling.

12. Wisconsin: Bye week but gets NW at home this week. Must win out if they want to get a BCS at large. That ASU loss looks worse and worse every week.


1. Still No Upsets: UGA, OSU and Stanford were all tested but still no top 10 upsets. They are coming people, they are coming.

2. Life as an UGA Fan and Player has been dangerous: It seems like all of their games have come down to the wire and all of their players are now hurt. They play Mizzou at home this week and I have no doubt it will go down to the wire.

3. Famous Jameis is so famous: This kid is exceeding the absurd hype as FSU trounced Maryland 63-0 and he threw 5 TDs. He even had his own Manziel moment .



4. FSU at Clemson Oct 19th: We are a Clemson victory away against BC to having this happen. This would be the first all ACC game with National Title implications in what feels like a decade. Don’t screw this up Clemson. (They are totally going to screw this up.)

5. LSU is our only hope to a Baylor/Oregon Nati Title game: This Alabama team doesn’t seem all that dominant but their schedule is so easy they may go unbeaten without breaking a sweat. Add that to the fact UGA is falling apart at the seems and the SEC title game may not be the tough game it normally is. We need you LSU, we need you.

6. Mariota scored 7 TDs and it seemed easy: That is because it was easy. Watch these highlights, its like they aren’t even trying out there. (Oregon’s TE quit, not sure anyone will notice.)

7. Pac 12 will be most entertaining conference in October: Wash/Stanford led off a great month that includes Oregon/Washington, Stanford/UCLA and UCLA/Oregon. Add that to the showdown between Stanford and Oregon on November 7th and baby, you got a stew going.

8. Pac 12 North is legit: The Huskies may have lost but they played right with Stanford and have another big game Saturday against Oregon that will bring College Gameday to town. Add that to a Oregon St team that has bounced back and a revived Wazzu team and this is probably the best division in football. (I said it SEC West)

9. Mack Brown Hot Seat Watch: Almost bubbled up over but dubiously pulled out a win at Ames. They play OU this week so expect a thrashing at the hands of the Sooners. Also expect me to tweet this play out 1,000 times this week. It is why Twitter was invented.

10. Jadevon Clowney should have gone to Europe: Not sure he would have played a sport there but he could have just taken the year off. This is not a good look going into a league who’s draft is talked about more than politics.

11. Best play of the weekend: SMU’s 2 point conversion.

12. The U Back: Miami won again and sets themselves up nicely to be unbeaten heading into back to back games against FSU and Va Tech in November. Remember that Al Golden is not only a good coach but women find him attractive.

13. Kingsbury Watch: Kliff dispatched of Charlie quite easily and now has TT one win away from a bowl already. Who would have thought TT vs Baylor could be one of the games of the year in the Big XII? (I mean I said it but I was not being serious.)

14. Surprise Team 1: Mizzou: Is the only unbeaten team in the SEC besides Alabama. They beat Vandy this week and go to Athens this week in what is suddenly a big game. Win there and they will start to get noticed.

15. Surprise Team 2: Va Tech: Their defense was stout against Bama in week 1 and hasn’t let up. While everyone will talk about FSU, Clemson and the U, the Hokies will have something to say about the ACC race by the end.

16. Surprise Team 3: Auburn: Gus Malzahn returned to the plains and had a big win over Ole Miss on Saturday. This team should go bowling after being a train wreck last year. (Sidenote I listen to Sirius XM college football station and ex Auburn coach Gene Chizik is on a lot and is really good at radio. My favorite part is when Auburn fans call in and lie to him about how they supported him last year. (Other sidenote, if I was the new coach at Texas (Art Briles) I would go to Chizik and tell him to give me 2 years as the DC and lots of money and help right the ship. He can then go back out and get a head coaching job. Or just back to the radio.))

17. ND Won and Rees wasn’t bad: He still threw a pick six though because of course he did.

18. Heisman Race: I will give you a hint a QB will win it

1) Marcus Mariota- Showcase game this week

2) Jameis Winston- Showcase game in 2 weeks

3) Johnny Manziel- I still don’t think they will give it to him no matter how good he is

4) Tajh Boyd- If he beats FSU he should jump to #1

5) AJ McCarron- Doubt he wins but will get to NYC

6) Aaron Murray- His team is falling apart. If he wins the SEC he may be the guy given the circumstances.

7) Teddy Bridgewater- Not enough big games to win, will have to take being a top 5 pick as a consolation prize

19. BCS Projections

The Nati: Bama vs Oregon: Somehow Baylor has to get in here

Rose: OSU vs Stanford: Go David Shaw!

Fiesta: Baylor vs Clemson: This would be a fine substitute

Sugar: A&M vs Louisville: Gotta love that QB matchup

Orange: FSU vs Oklahoma: It is like 2000 but with offense

Some pretty good games this week but lacks the one true marquee game. Hopefully Clemson takes care of business so we get on on October 19th.


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