6Rings Pick’Em Challenge and TC’s Guarantees

Last week we were presented with two ties, and it was tough to make moves, but somehow Brian was able to blow past everyone in the standings to stand alone in first place. The team, in total, is still above .500 which is pretty damn good baby. Real life grown up things are running my life this week, so let’s get right to this week’s picks.

Real life is hard

Real life is hard

This Week’s Picks:

Brian (14-7-3), Last Week: 4-0-2
FSU – Michigan – Ohio St – Packers – Bears – Broncos

Mike (13-8-3), Last Week: 3-1-2
Maryland – Michigan – Ohio St – Packers – Saints – Broncos

Mack (13-8-3), Last Week: 3-1-2
FSU – Minnesota – Ohio St – Lions – Bears – Broncos

Tony (11-10-3), Last Week: 2-2-2
Maryland – Minnesota – Ohio St – Lions – Saints – Broncos

Jake (11-10-3), Last Week: 2-2-2
FSU – Minnesota – Ohio St – Packers – Bears – Broncos

Evan (7-14-3), Last Week: 2-2-2
Maryland – Minnesota – Ohio St – Packers – Bears – Broncos

Frank (1-3-2), Last Week: 1-3-2
Maryland – Michigan – Ohio St – Lions – Saints – Cowboys

TC’s Guarantees (8-7 on the year)

Leave it to the Raiders to blow a 14-0 lead getting 3.5 points at home. Now they are going to make me stay up for their Monday Morning Football match up against the Chargers. Hey, at least we’re back into our winning ways posting a 2-1 record last week. A lot of good matchups this week with conference play starting and NFL teams really having an identity now. Let’s make some money this weekend, eh? (Yay hockey whooooooooo).

"Send out the punt team." "But coach, it's 3rd down." "I SAID SEND OUT THE PUNT TEAM!"

“Send out the punt team.”
“But coach, it’s 3rd down.”

Michigan State (Pick) at Iowa

Iowa has showed this year that they are not the complete and utter joke that most anticipated, but I can definitely see Sparty out-Ferentzing Kirk Ferentz in this one. That stout Michigan State defense will find a way to stop Martin-Manley and Weisman and pull out the W at Kinnick.

West Virginia at Baylor (-28.5)

Roarty tried to warn us. Did anyone listen? NO. I’m listening now. I LOVE MY BEARS. Baylor’s average point differential in three games is +63. I don’t see a 35 point difference in the West Virginia defense, and I certainly can’t get the 37-0 loss to Maryland out of my mind either.

Saints (-1) at Bears

The Bears could easily be 1-3 at this point, and they are pretty beat up as it stands now. The forecast for Sunday in Chicago looks pretty good and shouldn’t halt that potent Saints offense at all. Love the Saints here.


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