The B1G Preview in 140 Characters or Less

According to a study done by Harvard University in 2012 the average person attention span is 8 seconds. 8 seconds is short enough that most of you have already stopped reading this by the time I tell you that in 2000 the average was 12 seconds. To feed the beast that fuels you, I am going to keep our 2013 Big Ten Conference preview short and sweet like cornhusker corn or should I say a Minnesota Summer? I break down each of your favorite teams in 140 characters #leggo

Legends Division

@Iowa: 4-8 Season + New Quarterback + A coach who makes 3.9 Million a year. Add it all up and what does it equal? The hottest seat in the country.

@Michigan: Devin Gardner the QB turned WR turned QB takes over at UM. Ask a UM fan and they will say this Gardner is more of a florist. Smelling Roses?

@Michigan State: 9th best scoring defense combined with the 110th best scoring offense that lost a 1,700yd RB means another mid level bowl. THIS IS SPARTA!!

@Minnesota: Jerry Kill is a damn good football coach. Second year QB Phillip Nelson will improve and Ra’Shede Hageman is the best d-linemen in the B1G.

@Nebraska: It’s the fourth & final year of Taylor Martinez. Does the kid they call T-Magic have enough tricks to win Nebraska its first big ten title?

@Northwestern: 10 wins,15 returning starters, & its first bowl win since 1948. This group of Theater Majors & Journalists is not your fathers Northwestern

Minnesota DE

Leaders Division:

@Illinois: The Miller High Life of the Big Ten? It looks avg on the outside and is avg when you open it. My friends I present the “Champaign of Beer”

@Indiana: The Hoosiers will go bowling & I dont mean the type that involves ten pins & bumpers. The best passing offense in the B1G will get it done.

@Ohio State: The theme song for a career montage of second seasons for Urban Meyer should be DJ Khaled-All I Do Is Win…”Now everybody hands go up”

@Penn State: Im heading outside to my hot tub time machine and leaving 2016. Thats the next time Penn State season will actually matter. Until then Holla

@Wisconsin: Brett Bilemea and is hot wife have left for Arkansas and no one in Madison cares. The more things change the more they stay the same! 9-3

Urban Braxton smiling


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