Random Football Friday: 2002 FSU at Miami

Most people enjoy football during the fall as it is a natural part of the American way of life. For those of us with the sickness we keep up with this sport 365 days a year. Part of my week always ends up with me watching some old college football game just to try and capture that feeling we get on Fall Saturdays. That is why I want to start this new segment called “Random Football Fridays.” While I have watched many of these games multiple times I want you to join me as we reminisce to simpler times.

We start this new feature with 2002 FSU at Miami because the children need to reminded of when this game mattered.

Who and When: #9 FSU at #1Miami; October 12, 2002 Noon

Announcers: Brad Nessler and Bob Griese

The Situation: The absurdly stacked 2001 Miami team won the National Title and entered this game riding a 27 game win streak. They were 5-0 and ranked #1 and had been wrecking people including beating Florida 41-16 in the Swamp. FSU was ranked #9 and had lost two weeks prior at Louisville.

The Players: My God there are some doozies. Lets go through this by team chris rix

The U: QB Ken Dorsey (no white undershirt tho, sad face), RB Willis McGahee, WR Andre Johnson, TE Kellen Winslow, DT Vince Wilfork (He was a backup!), LBs DJ Williams and Jonathan Vilma, CB Antrel Rolle and FS Sean Taylor (RIP (Also, this game always reminds me just how awesome he was.)

FSU: QB Chris Rix (I may or may not have written this whole thing because of him.), RB Greg Jones (Beast!), WRs Anquan Boldin and P.K. Sam, DT Darnell Dockett, K Xavier Betia (Only pawn in game of life)

Where was I: It is sad that I can remember this whole day but can’t remember last Tuesday. I was a junior in Highschool and I played golf in the morning. (No idea what I shot) This game was at Noon which is rare for big games nowadays but I like that. Later on that day I went to homecoming but spent most of the dinner watching Michigan beat PSU in overtime and OU beat Texas once again. (Fire Mack Brown!)

Notes from the game: This video is skewed towards Miami and doesn’t show FSU highlights. I can assure you Greg Jones was in a beastly mode that day.  (Here is the full broadcast if you also have the sickness)

2:37: Kellen Winslow sighting on a wheel route

2:54: McGahee TD on the opening drive; 7-0 the U 1st Q

3:17: Chris Rix takes a sack. Hes just the best

3:40: At the start of the 2nd Q Ethnic Sands makes a play. I only bring this up because his name is awesome and I somehow for him.

4:10: Leon Washington drops a punt. Somewhere Rex Ryan is smiling

5:15: Winslow scores on a pass from Dorsey, 17-14 heading into halftime

6:15: Andre Johnson sighting. So terrifying how much talent was on this field

6:43: TD pass to Kevin Beard. Highlights of this include his dance afterwards and Nessler saying “theres a duck in his beard” for some reason. 27-21 FSU 4th Q

8:00: McGahee screen pass. Is there anything sexier than a well executed screen pass? I don’t think so

8:20: Jason Geathers TD run, 28-27 The U 4th Q.

9:45: Sean Taylor blows up P.K. Sam. I can’t believe P.K. couldn’t hold onto that one.

10:30: A montage of all of the missed kicks by FSU in the rivalry. Must be horrifying.

11:05: Horrendous clock management, not surprisingly Bobby Bowden looks clueless.

11:34: Xavier Betia fulfills his destiny and boots the kick wide left as time expired.

12:22: Tears of sadness. Life as an FSU kicker not named Janikowski I guess

12:55: Interview with Larry Coker and he also has no idea what is going on

Fallout from the game: Miami would roll through the rest of the regular season undefeated including a huge win in Knoxville over #2 Tennessee. They would eventually lose to the Dark Side in a classic National Title game in Fiesta Bowl.

FSU would go onto lose to Notre Dame two weeks later at home. (Ty Willingham was undefeated, 2002 was a weird year.) They would lose 2 more times on their way to going 9-5 as they continued to wander the desert post Chris Weinke. They are just now coming out of that desert. I miss the dominant Noles of the 90s.

Thanks for those who made it the whole way through this classic. Next week I hope to bring you something similar and will continue into the season.


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