40 Nights of Summer

Since I have been home this summer, I have observed that every night could truly provide for a great story. Each night is different and unique, no matter how many similarities you may come by. That is why I have compiled the “40 Nights of Summer”, to give a brief description of all the scenarios that you may encounter in just one summer at home. Whether any of these scenarios personally relate to you or not, they are most definitely scenarios that I have seen happen while at home for the summer. Enjoy.

40 Nights of Summer

1) Its the beginning of summer, everybody comes home, reunites as a group, celebrates with a case of Bud Light, all claiming to “miss the fine quality of beer at home”

2) No parties? Somebody have a bonfire

3) “You know, man, I’ve got work early tomorrow, I’m just going to stay in and chill tonight”

4) Party at Joe Shmos tonight. We need booze… so whose got a fake ID? Three hours later, older sibling bails the group out. Joe Shmo’s party still sucks.

5) The “bros” just chillin’ tonight, nothing going on. So, which girls should we invite over?

6) “Let’s go to the city tonight. I just want to rage”, Says kid who doesn’t no exactly what to do in the city, but knows that there must be some raging going on there.

7) Joe Shmo’s having another party tonight. After remembering how bad the first party was, the group still decides to give it a shot. Turns out, second party just as lame. The group urgently sends out some texts in hopes of a new destination.

8) “Ooooo lets darty tomorrow”, said by girl at Joe Shmo’s party who was forced to drive that night.

9) Its a Monday night, nothing is really going on. Everybody is tired from the weekend, feels like a video game night…but still make your way to Taco Bell late night.

10) “Alright, its Friday, lets turn up!”, said just about every Friday by that one kid.

11) Now it’s Saturday, and there’s an open house at Jane Doe’s. You get there and about 50 kids are present. By 9 pm, some groups of girls have a problem with each other. By 9:05, everybody knows about it. Mood killed, party killed.

12) Sunday after the long weekend of partying, everybody is tired, hungover and just never motivates themselves to do anything. People stay spread out, decide they’re “taking the night off”

13) Your boy is throwing down tonight, all your friends are talking to a different lady friend, telling them all that they should come. Turns out, 10 groups of girls know about this party now, when in reality your “boy” can only have about 15 girls over. First thought? “Uh oh”

14) Bored of sitting around trying to find plans, decide not to let the night go to waste, go to a movie.

15) You’re friends meet up with some girls at a house. Awkwardness ensues and the two genders stay segregated for the night until one decides to leave.

16) Some junior in high school is having a party, but its the only one that you’ve heard of. One friend’s younger sibling says that they were planning on going to it. Older sibling immediately vetoes groups request to go.

17) Realizing that you’ve simply drank too much recently, you decide to be the designated driver tonight. You end up leaving early to meet up with a “friend”.

18) Mr. and Mrs. Doe decide to go out again for dinner and a movie, Jane decides to have people over. You hear from a friend of a friend of the boyfriend of Jane that you’re good to come. You decide to show up fashionably late due to not knowing Jane, end up leaving 20 minutes later because the movie just ended. Try and find a plan B.

19) You’ve got friends in from school. You want to show them how great of a time you have when you’re home. You get the boys over, get the bottles flowin’…. and then end up at Taco Bell. Showing them a more accurate example of a night in your town.

20) You and your crew gets wind of a party that night, start pre-gaming at a friends, and end up driving around again all night looking for somewhere to go, seeing that the party you heard of was just a rumor.

21) Your lady friend tells you and your friends to come to John Smith’s house because “everybody is going”. Your friends don’t get along very well with John Smith, turns into a guys night out.

22) You met some kid at Jane Doe’s last party, he tells you to come to this “banger” in his home town. You go because of your new friendship and with the hope that this town “goes harder” than yours.

23) Beautiful night outside. You got it. Bonfire time. Crack open some longnecks and a fifth of Jack while listening to Luke Bryan because you want to feel “country” tonight.

24) Parents go out to dinner, call all your friends to come rip down some shots before they get back.

25) Spend the night with a girlfriend. You both decide it would be wise to just stay in and watch a movie.

26) Your family tells you that they haven’t gotten to spend enough time together. An arranged family dinner is planned, you end up staying in to pay your due diligence.

27) There is a great concert nearby, you and your friends decide to go. Tell all the people you know to buy tickets as well because “There’s nothing else to do”

28) Everybody goes to the concert, but you don’t have any disposable income to be spending. You and the other kid who can’t go decide to meet up, try and find something fun to do. But don’t. Night wasted.

29) Joe Shmo is supposedly having another party, but vows that this time it will be more fun because he has “beer pong tables set up”. Nobody shows, Joe’s party yet again fails to offer any excitement.

30) “Ugh, [insert town name here] sucks. Just take me back to school”-said by just about everybody at some point during the summer.

31) After a long and crazy night last night, you come home too inebriated and your parents decide that you aren’t going out again tonight. You don’t like the constriction, but deep down aren’t too upset because you are still too hungover to even think about drinking again.

32) There’s a baseball game tonight, and your friends want to go down to the city for it. You all take the train, realize that baseball is too boring to watch sober.

33) There’s a party at your friends house, all of the kids your age come. Everything is going smoothly until some girl has a problem with another, sees an ex-boyfriend, etc. and the rest of the night turns into a mess.

34) Nothing is happening tonight. Everybody is sitting around until, “guys, it’s Saturday night, are you kidding me? Let’s frickin’ turn up”- says the same kid who must have seen his friends turn down in-between Friday and Saturday night.

35) It’s Thursday. You go on Facebook and see that the “party of the summer” is supposedly happening tomorrow night. Everybody that you talk to is going, your friends decide to not do anything tonight and “save up” for tomorrow.

36) Turns out, Friday night was pretty fun. Party thrower “Tom Johnson” is now at legend status.

37) Saturday night now. Everybody still relishing on how fun Tom’s party was, wants him to throw another tonight. He, of course, can’t duplicate last nights performance.

38) You decide to take it easy. Sunday night turns into an “Xbox live” kind of night. You don’t leave your couch all day or night.

39) Everybody is about to go back to school, somebody bites the bullet last minute and throws a going away party for everyone. People say their goodbyes and say “F*%$ it, last night of summer”

40) You and your friends sit by a bonfire with a case of Bud Light reminiscing on the summer.

These are all situations that I have witnessed in my summer years in my hometown of Deerfield. You may not be able to relate to all of these, but I hope you could put yourself into some of these scenarios.


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